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    Extra Punctuation: How Yakuza 4 Grabs You

    The most profound example of this I can think of was MGS4, when you return to area MGS1 took place in. Not only did I love all the metal gear solids, but metal gear solid was one of the games that got me into gaming, and to walk around the setting of the first one was an excellent design...
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    The Big Picture: MovieBob's Junk Drawer

    Nope, it's a bear. But I laughed anyway. Bob: I enjoyed this one. It was like ordering a sampler plate from a restaurant. Pleasant, but not unexpectedly so.
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    Is it just me ... or do women make terrible comedians?

    Can we make it a rule that if you don't know what the hell you're talking about, please don't say "Let's look at this from an evolutionary and sociological viewpoint"? Because honestly, the second I read this, I'm almost positive I'm going to be in for some college freshman bullshitting with no...
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    Geohot Claims He's Never Heard of Sony Computer Entertainment of America

    Seeing the people who fail to grasp what this is actually about is far more frustrating than actually watching where it's leading.
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    Non-Americans Can Like Homefront, Too

    I love how the big thing here is that everyone's complaining about the game for xyz, and then going on to describe a completely different game. That's like going to someone's house, and going "I don't understand why you painted it brown, I'm sick of brown, you should've painted it red, you...
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    So I went to a strip club the other day...

    Good for you mate, glad you enjoyed yourself. I wouldn't go to a strip club unless there was a party for a friend or something, mainly because I'm gay, and the guys at male strip clubs aren't really my type. : /
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    Poll: Inglorious Basterds?

    It's not supposed to be about the Basterds though, that's just the title of the film. The real meaning of the film that I gathered was the power of subtlety through film. And blowing shit up.
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    Music to fight to.

    Harrowdown Hill by Thom Yorke or All Along The Watch Tower (Hendrix version), if those don't get you pumped up, nothing will.
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    The Needles: You Only Have Yourself To Blame

    I think you might be misinterpreting what Andy and Susan are trying to say mate. This is not, from what I gathered, an attack on gamers. Nor is it a blaming of them. What it is, is that most people KNEW the DRM was invasive. Most people KNEW it was a load of hay. Most people KNEW there was a...
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    Game Dogs: Episode Six: The Cleric

    Was the trap thing intended to be an homage to UR? Because it kind of came off as a blatant rip off.
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    Gamer Arrested For Using WoW Gold to "Groom" Underage Boys

    Doesn't seem like a big deal. They obviously didn't mind giving the pictures away, and if you're 14 you're pretty aware of your actions, so I don't really see the guy at fault for "exploiting" kids over a game. If anything the kids exploited him. People are so weird about sex. If they were...
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    A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Dialogue Trees

    Kaidens only redeeming quality was that I knew deep down, he was Carth Onasi. That's IT. Anyway, fantastic article, I love when games approach things subtly like that. It really does say more than hours of cutscenes could. One of the reasons I loved MGS3 so much is that for a metal gear...
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    Love: Kurt Would Have Been OK With Guitar Hero 5

    Am I reading the same article? She is obviously angry and feels they used kurt without her permission, but anyone who's read a bit on Kurt Cobain would know that he most likely would enjoy singing the Spice Girls. How is this representing two posistions? Also, whats with the Love hate...
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    Would you play a game with a gay main charater?

    So gay people don't fall in love now? :?