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    Can you teach creativity?

    You cannot teach creativity, but you can encourage it. In western society, an emphasis is placed on following instructions. To encourage creativity, assignments should be open ended and easily interpreted in numerous ways. The inherently uncreative will follow the instructions in the most...
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    Need books for my goddaughter to read

    I'll continue to echo the suggestions for A Wrinkle in Time as well. In addition to that, I'll make a suggestion of a book that I absolutely loved when I was her age, Half Magic []. It is about a girl who finds a...
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    Poll: Do you use an e-book reader?

    I love my Kindle. The only time I ever buy real books anymore is when classes assign textbooks where there either is no digital version, or it is more expensive than the physical one (why would anyone do that?).
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    Dragon+ App Outperforms People Magazine and Maxim In One Week

    Doesn't seem to exist on Kindle, which makes me sad. I'd love to download this.
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    Is there not much dedicated interest in online debate unless there's fighting?

    Lengthy discussion requires passion and disagreement. We could have a discussion about the damaging effect of money in politics, and it would not likely last very long because we all agree that politicians being for sale is bad. Similarly, a discussion about Coke vs. Pepsi would not likely...
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    The Right Body Type for Cosplay

    Without internal organs, most likely.
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    Poll: Do you know the words to your national anthem?

    Curse you, Poe's Law! I seriously cannot tell if this is a joke or not.
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    Poll: Do you know the words to your national anthem?

    I probably do, though I couldn't actually tell you which song is America's national anthem. But if they started playing it, I'd know the words. I'm much better at God Save the Queen, the Marseilles, O Canada, and Mawtini (the national anthem of Iraq, as decided by the American government and...
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    Jurassic Island - Would You Go?

    I won't go on opening weekend. But if they have a couple of storms and nothing goes wrong, I'll be on the next boat.
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    Christmas Jumpers!

    I need that in my life. I don't have any, but I need that one.
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    Non-Traditional Christmas Songs (Hiphop, Rock)

    There are a series of H.P. Lovecraft-inspired Christmas songs out there. I particularly like and I'm also quite fond of Joan Jett's version of Little Drummer Boy.
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    Moving Threads

    My main issue with this is that R&P was the only section that was specifically ignoring the whole thing. I think a few people tried to start topics about it, and we buried them. No meetings, no groups, we had cultivated a community in that section that was able to look at the "scandal" and say...
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    Next Harry Potter Short Story Reveals More About Umbridge

    The only story about Umbridge I'm interested in reading is how she dies. Thankfully, I'm already on Pottermore, and not a Hufflepuff!
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    WWE2K15's My Career mode, what will your CAW be?

    Still waiting on confirmation of the PC release before I get too worked up on which of my characters I'll use for the mode. I've got a roster of about 30 characters now, since I built my own promotion in one of the older games. So lots of options to choose from. I wonder if other CAW...
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    What is the longest you have used a single avatar?

    Mine has been pretty much Arsenal for the past few years, but I felt like it was time for a change. And, honestly, this is important. Maybe I'll go back to a football crest one day. فلسطين حرة