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    The Sixth Sense was ripped off from an episode of "Are You Afraid of the Dark." and Shyamalan ADMITS it. When the best you can do is make a crappy Nickelodeon show somewhat more watchable, you're a hack.
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    Movie Trailers: Man of Steel - Trailer

    Sorry, but I don't believe this Man can fly. Which is a shame, Superman deserves to have a good movie at last. The originals REALLY don't hold up IMO.
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    Hitting the Club

    "Strippers are liars. With hookers you at least get laid." Don't know where I heard that but I think its true.
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    "Two and A Half Men" star attacks show, asks everyone not to watch it. Calls it "Filth"

    The Bible also says "Give up your wealth to the poor and the needy, for true reward lies in the Kingdom of Heaven" (although that's paraphrased a bit). I'm guessing that right after this high-and-mighty act he goes back to an eight-digit house with a six-digit car. The sanctimonious jerk...
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    Opinion on the "Fantastic Four" films

    Fantastic Four is 0 for 3 in successful adaptations, the worst record of any superhero/comic franchise to date. Terrible acting, lame effects and really bad storytelling. It makes me sad that so far nobody really "gets" the oldest family in comics.
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    Decent super hero games?

    Viewtiful Joe isn't exactly a typical "superhero" but its definitely a fun game on most major consoles. I also enjoyed Ultimate Spider-Man for the Gamecube thanks to its dual gameplay featuring both Spidey and Venom.
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    Favourite Video Game Cutscene

    This might be a spoiler to some gamers but
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    Malnourished Sequels

    Star Wars: Rebel Strike. Instead of expanding on the excellent, tried-and-true flying levels from the past two Rogue Squadron games the producers made an idiotic choice to include on-foot combat levels with PAINFUL controls and even worse enemy AI.
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    Zero Punctuation: Walking Dead

    Was Yahtzee trash-talking the end of "I Am Legend" in that last line? If so, well done.
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    Star Wars Expanded Universe

    Its like any ongoing media: some of its good, a few things are great, and a couple things are really REALLY bad. For the record my personal favorite Expanded Universe entries are the X-Wing novels; in particular the four by Aaron Alston. Wraith Squadron FTW.
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    Worst comic ever

    Red Hood and the Outlaws. I can never forgive what has been done to Starfire. Fuck you, DC Comics.
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    So, what games are you playing?

    Star Wars: Rebel Strike. HOW did they manage to fuck up a great series like "Rogue Squadron" so badly?! The out-of-place on foot levels could be forgiven if they were actually INTERESTING but the human controls are terrible and the AI is severely limited.
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    Who Are You To Other People?

    I'm nothing. A failure in nearly every sense.
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    Share an awesome anime

    Tiger & Bunny. Its a series where mutants are given corporate sponsors so they can compete in a reality show to determine the "King of Heroes."
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    good podcasts?

    I enjoy "Nerd to the 3rd Power" quite a bit.