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    Do people not get this is MAKING FUN of free! Do you guys just see a comic which involves women and go FEMINIST PROPAGANDA!
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    People who make death threats on the internet should go to jail?

    When did I say it's only happening to women? I was just pointing out an indecent that was in the news recently. This reminds me of social justice guys getting mad because people say male and female but not bi-gender or whatever.
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    People who make death threats on the internet should go to jail?

    There's been a spate of high profile threats here in the UK, mainly against women in the public eye, based on some controversy about who should go an our banknotes. And there's a topic about a Bioware writer who apparently quit over threats to her family, so this seems topical. Here's my...
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    On Rape Jokes and Sensitivity

    Great post, helped me formulate my thoughts about this better. 1. It's about the power balance between the subject and the teller of the joke. I think (and other great comics like Stewart Lee think) that the job of the comedian is to balance out the power in society. 2. You probably...
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    Game of Thrones - I give up

    You mean it's framed and shot to get the most emotional response out of people? In other words, to be good tv? And people being killed isn't 'Grimdark', unless you have a weird definition of that.
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    Game of Thrones - I give up

    I think the difference is Game of Thrones isn't trying to be edgy, it's more like here is a fantasy world, now how would events play out if all these characters act like humans. Whereas Call of Duty is like: we've spent a bunch of money on this game, let's make a controversial sequence so we can...
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    Game of Thrones - I give up

    So you got through But you can't get through this? I didn't even like that much. I much prefer Tyrion, Dany, Arya ect. Also, stick around just for the rest of Season three and you might find another wedding going much more to your liking!
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    So how do you feel about Margaret Thatcher's death

    I don't understand this attitude. The current coalition government is engaged in some of the most comprehensive shrinking of the welfare state that we've ever seen, despite it being opposed by the public (in opinion polls) and it fucking up the economy. That's definitely acting. And that's not...
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    WTF is Black Mirror and Why Should I Care?

    If you haven't already, go watch Black Mirror on 4oD. One of the best bits of british telly for a while in my opinion. (no idea if americans can get 4oD, apologies if you can't!)
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    Why do people reject evolution?

    abiogenesis is a dilema, but a seperate one to evolution. Once we have life, we can have evolution, but evolution doesn't explain the origin of life. (much like it doesn't explain, say, electricity.) Can you explain what you mean by mathematical improbability and an infinite universe? Evolution...
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    Halo 4 Sexism Earns You a Lifetime Ban

    She's worked on quite a few microsoft games, acording to IMDB, as head of the art department. Apparantly she was credited on gears of war and mass effect. Not sure as what. Google is a hell of a thing.
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    The slut issue

    Small point, I know, but how is 'over twenty five sexual partners' so bad? Over, say, five years, that's only one every ten weeks. Not exactly frigid, but it doesn't seem particually excessive.
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    A series of questions to those who want change in female game roles.

    War setting, fair enough. Your first stumbling block is of course the fantasy setting. Think about that word for a second. Fantasy. That's right, folks, in a fantasy female characters can do what they want, because the same rules as on earth don't apply. What about 'adventure'? A little less...
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    So Escapist! What University will you be attending? (/do you attend?)

    Thanks for all the info/help. My grades are more consistent than yours, but your highest are better than my highest...I shouldn't get bogged down in details like that, of course. Anyway, it would be great if you could send your personal statement to me, if it's not too much trouble. I've...
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    So Escapist! What University will you be attending? (/do you attend?)

    Yo if you don't mind, can I ask you a few questions? (I want to get on the same course as you, and am applying in a few days.) 1. What AS marks did you get? (percentages) 2. What was the interview like? 3. What did you do on your personal statement (roughly) 4. What other unis did you...