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    Tyra Banks Fancies Herself the Next J.R.R. Tolkien

    [obligatory shock and awe] >>: checking Earth's rotation >>>: positive seriously, you'd think you guys would get used to celebs acting like pretentious douchebags after the things kanye west has said and done. the world survived twilight, the world will survive this.
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    Kill The Above User's Avatar

    I eat you.
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    Zero Punctuation: Washington DC

    lol Yahtzee wins a Captain Obvious award for most of the observations he makes in this video. You can tell he doesn't want to record this at all.
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    Poll: Excessive use of Chuck Norris

    Only if words "auto-fellate" and "dead" are in the same sentence.
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    Poll: Why do YOU like anime?

    I like some anime and hate a few others but I've seen enough to not say I like all of it.
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    Video game Warcries

    I don't have a war cry. I hum "Ride of the Valkyries".
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    Poll: use of LOL and ROFLOL

    I think lowercase lols can be interpreted different ways under context, mostly because the lowercase version has been used to much that it's practically meaningless now. Uppercase still has the impact because of the caps and same can be said for rofl and lmao. Exclamations and capslock are...
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    Is sex ever "just sex"?

    Call it "love-making" and dress it up with potpourri on satin sheets if ya want but the simpler definition of sex is an attempt to make another person achieve orgasm with their consent. Either way, it's another experience for you to mull over whether it was exciting, terrifying, or...
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    Poll: The last plea I will ever make... Maybe

    If you don't find yourself, school will be an utter waste of time. How will you even know what career path to take if you're unsure of yourself? Find yourself. Come back to school with something in mind. Kick ass.
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    Terms you use way too often

    Leaving out curse words: "[subject] Seems to be" "It appears that..." "It depends on..." "Blahblahblah. That is,[repeated blahblah statement but in a different way]"
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    Urban Dictionary (Mature Content)

    1. Tim vb. to sex someone up n. man with a massive schlong vb.That whore just got timmed n.You hear about Bob? He is tim 2. TIM 407 up, 160 down An acronym which means: Tit In Mouth Guy: I like missionary style sex and TIM. Woman: I'll give you some TIM first and...
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    Wrestling and the WWE

    ath⋅lete  [ath-leet] ?noun a person trained or gifted in exercises or contests involving physical agility, stamina, or strength; a participant in a sport, exercise, or game requiring physical skill. Because picking up a 200-300 lb man and executing a maneuver like a...
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    Poll: Do chicks dig the dreads?

    I totally dig dreadlocks...on chicks.
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    The epic villain music thread:

    Sticking to the classics for this one.
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    What would you do if...