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    Spyro Developer: You Don't Miss Spyro As Much As I Do

    Spyro 2: Gateway To Glimmer - or, you know, Ripto's Rage - was the very first game I ever owned, for the very first console I ever owned. Hell, I was so oblivious to gaming hardware at the time that I didn't even know you needed a memory card to save your progress. My parents only allowed me to...
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    It... It was actually meant as a joke. You know, because you could also exclaim "it was all a dream!", but like, the context would be completely different (because the lore and rules of FF X are just so damn insane and silly). You did provide a solid answer when taking the question seriously...
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    I dislike the "it was all a dream!" trope about as much as I dislike the "he/she has/had a twin brother/sister!" As for games... Does Final Fantasy X count?
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    Disney Changes Moana Title in Italy for Hilarious Reason

    But, then... Why not just call it Vaiana like all those other European countries? Unless there's also a pornstar with that name, it seems really redundant to add yet another alternative title to the list.
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    The Live-Action Ghost in the Shell Now Has a Trailer

    Huh... So this is actually getting made, is it? Well, I'm intrigued. The trailer has some stuff I like, some stuff I dislike. It's a trailer, who knows what the end result will be. For an 'anime to Hollywood blockbuster' adaption, they got the cyberpunk feel fairly right. Hell, maybe they...
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    When love turns to misery

    Okay, so, I never thought I would be posting this on an internet forum, but I'm just... I'm done. I've had it. Fuck it. So, there's this girl. Scratch that. There's this woman. She's 27, ergo, she's a woman. Now, I've known her for about 6 years and I've loved her for the last 5 of them...
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    Sega Encourages Fans to Keep Making Sonic Fan Content, Calls it "Great Stuff"

    I wonder if SEGA takes that approach towards ALL Sonic fan content... DeviantArt ahoy!
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    Dream the Impossible Dream

    I know I should probably act all disturbed about the drawing and what it implies, but... All I can think of is: "Shit, I know where that guy's avatar picture comes from."
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    Persona 5 Release Date Revealed

    Yeah, about that... I don't own a 3DS and I'm not planning to get one. Sadly, I'm really not into handhelds. Really? Is it really more messed up than the stories of, say, FF VII or VIII? Or the Shadow Hearts titles? And you know the gameplay is solid, 'cause Pok?mon copy/pasted it and...
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    Persona 5 Release Date Revealed

    I'm all about quality over quantity, but... Why are there so few SMT games coming out for consoles these days? During the PS2 era, we had one or two SMT-related titles coming out every year! And they were good! (Well, maybe Devil Dummoner was just 'decent', but still...) Now we had a couple...
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    Describe your Avatar

    It's part of a drawing I made of Amarant Coral from Final Fantasy IX - as we all know, the best RPG ever made. Here's the complete drawing: I drew this back in... 2009?! Christ... I'm old. Hell, what have I even done with my life these past seven years? Thanks OP, now I'm all...
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    What are You Playing Now / Last Game You Beat

    Currently playing Batman: Arkham City on PC. I had already finished it on PS3, but then I got it for free after the whole Arkham Knight debacle, so, I figured, why not? Also, Shadow Hearts on a PS2 emulator, that game still has that odd vibe that I haven't experienced before or since (relax...
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    When is a game too ''Japanese'' for you?

    When is a game too "Japanese" for me? Simple. When it's being published by Nippon Ichi Software/NIS America and/or developed by Gust/Idea Factory/Compile Heart (with maybe a 5% exception rule). Hyperdimension Neptunia the Atelier games Mugen Souls Trinity Universe Disgaea Ar...
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    PS4 Will See an "Unprecedented Rush" of Big Games in 2016

    Not really interested in any of those. Persona 5 and the new Ratchet & Clank on the other hand...
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    Final Fantasy VII Remake To Be Created With Unreal Engine 4

    Huh... Well, on one hand, that should reduce development time since the Unreal Engine is very user friendly and offers tons of tools to speed up various processes. The material creator is insane, the new node based animation manager can be very helpful and overall prop managing has always been...