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    4 Science Mistakes Star Wars: Episode VII Needs to Fix

    I always just assumed that Qui-Gon was just a little...odd, and that he invented the idea of midiclorians all on his own, an idea that no one else believes. When he mentions Anakin's count to Yoda and Windu they are just sitting there thinking, "oh no not this crap again, just smile and nod and...
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    No Right Answer: Worst Comic Book Un-Death

    Jean Grey's been dead for 10 years(Unless you count the time traveling Jean who still died/dies in 2004)
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    Doctor Who time-lock continuity? (spoilers abound)

    The War doctor is somewhere between the 8th Doctor and the 9th, Smith is the 11th (or 12th now?) The glowy Time thing was resolved the Doctor saved Clara and it happens before this special. The doctor even says "They are me, don't you remember meeting them?" (or something along those lines) a...
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    What Our Review Scores Mean

    Yeah but having quarter stars would just be silly
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    What Our Review Scores Mean

    1+2+3+4+5=15 15/5=3 3 is the average (Apologies is someone already pointed this out)
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    Why oh why haven't game-creators done this yet?

    Yes, this. No one ever wants to talk to me or call or anything until I am in the middle of a cutscene
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    No Right Answer: Best Comic Book Universe Ever

    The events from Avengers Disassembled to Siege including the X-Men specific ones (Manifest Destiny, Second Coming, Schism, etc) and the Young Avengers and Runaways series cost me a somewhere between 1-1.5K, nearly 200 TPBs. OT: Marvel, like Chris said the overarcing story just ties in so...
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    The Big Picture: The Big Spoiler: Iron Man 3

    I love the Big Picture no matter the topic, and your movie reviews are good even when I don't agree with your opinion, but when you talk about comics (and the things based on them) you really shine. That may just come from my love of comic books and everything about them, but your comic book...
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    No Right Answer: Best Dreamworks Film Ever

    It was the two together
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    No Right Answer: Best Dreamworks Film Ever

    You mention How to Train Your Dragon, but nothing about Madagascar, Chicken Run, or Road to El Dorada? For shame
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    No Right Answer: Best Call to Action Ever

    If anyone from those books has a great call to action it would be Andrew's brother Peter. He saw what was going on in the world, what events were going to happen in the very near future, brought it to the forefront and then did something about it resulting in a veritable Golden Age of Humanity
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    Stupid reasons to hate video games

    I stopped playing .Hack Quarantine because after 5 times of fighting through the final boss each time making it to the last of his 5 phases and dying every time I just got pissed off.
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    Who is your famous crush?

    and Plus I love her music. Oh and can't forget Jenna-Louise Coleman, the Doctor's latest companion
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    No Right Answer: Videogame That Should Be A TV Show The Most

    Halo would make a good TV show, unless we are sticking strictly to the story of the games to make the shows plot. Saints Row would be an awesome HBO show. Professor Layton, Fire Emblem, and Dead Space might make good shows.
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    Doctor Who: How do you transition from David Tenant to Matt Smith?

    I must say Amy was one of my favorite companions. I absolutely hated Donna and everything she was, Rose got very annoying, but was still better than Donna and Martha was just forgettable. Amy leaving was also one of the saddest episodes in a long time, same with the latest Christmas special (I...