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    Warhammer 40,000: Storm of Vengeance Review - Borehammer

    By the Powers of Chaos, MAKE IT SO!!!
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    Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Review - Death Becomes It

    Absolutely no interest in this franchise anymore. Besides, why waste time with a sub par game when Dark Souls II is right in front of me?
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    Game of Thrones: Who is the real villain?

    There ARE no villains in least, not human ones. The only villains in the books are the Others. -_-
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    Diablo III Arena-Style PvP May Never Happen

    That's just too bad. Guess I'll have to stick to Dark Souls 2 for my arena-PvP want. Wait, that's not a bad thing at all...
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    8 Reasons Why Games Workshop Loves You

    These are the sort of business practices they brandish on a regular basis, and why "casual" wargamers never understand that GW DESERVES every iota of outrage leveled at it.
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    Rumor: Indiana Jones 5 Might Recast Indy, Ditch Harrison Ford

    Indiana Jones with no Harrison Ford? Good luck convincing people to go see it. -_-
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    Next-gen AI and Next-gen BS

    We'll have to settle for if(), then () until we have true artificial intelligence. Then we can just ask our robot overlords how it all works.
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    League of Legends to Feature in Game of Thrones Cross-Promotion

    No, they'll make Tyrion Teemo and give him a crossbow.
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    League of Legends to Feature in Game of Thrones Cross-Promotion

    Casual LoL players won't understand the outrage, but Runeterra and Westeros are two completely different worlds. If A Song of Ice and Fire skins had been announced, that would have been pretty sweet. Seeing as how Game of Thrones is the biggest thing since Jesus right now, it's obviously just...
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    Attack Wing: D&D Unleashes Dragon Battles On Your Tabletop

    -_- So, X-Wing, but with dragons. It'd be pretty awesome if it wasn't such a blatant copy. Wizkids should just bring back Mage Knights. Nothing they've made since then has been all that great.
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    Favorite Episode from one of your favorite Anime

    "So there are still 50 of you left this rate, it'll be dawn before I can crack open all of your skulls." Nothing beats Berserk.
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    Do you prefer it when the enemy is weaker, stronger or on equal ground with you?

    Stronger, always. A stronger opponent can teach you with a defeat; crushing a lesser foe teaches nothing. Besides, the harder the fight, the more fruitful the victory.
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    Steam Breaks 7.6 Million Concurrent Users Over Christmas Weekend

    I spent the whole weekend playing War of the Roses and Crusader Kings II. Missed the free Left for Dead, though. T-T
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    Saw "The Desolation of Smaug", want to share a few thoughts

    The majority of the movie is an embarrassment to its source material and an insult to its fanbase. So much of this movie was just BAD. It didn't feel like Middle Earth, and the over the top action sequences and idiotic love triangle did nothing to help alleviate that feeling. The Hobbit has...
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    Recommend me a good TURN-BASED RPG

    Heroes of Might and Magic III. You can get it on GoG for dirt cheap, and it's easily one of the greatest TBS games of all time. It's a bit dated, but I've been playing it at least weekly for the last 14 years, and it's still a blast. It'd be a disservice to the genre to not at least try it.