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    Lessons learned from Persona 5: What did it do so right for the JRPG.

    I must admit, Persona 5 is the one 100+ hour game I didn't tire of in a long while, as I don't really have the time to play and enjoy games as much as I used to. I enjoyed all the characters, with the exception of Ryuji, who at times would actively try my patience. I also really enjoyed the...
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    Kingsman the Golden Circle

    Colin Firth is back as Harry Hart, therefore I am all over it like shit on velcro. Harry was my favourite character in the first film, and Colin Firth is my favourite actor. I unashamedly fangirled so hard at the trailer.
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    Favorite Vacation Spots?

    I go to Montreal quite a lot as I have a lot of friends that live out there. It is especially fun to go and see a hockey game, and if you go up to the top of Parc du Mont Royale you can see a lot of the Montreal skyline which is quite breathtaking, especially at night.
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    Are you A Closeted Sports Fan?

    I love Ice hockey, and most, if not all people that are acquainted with me tend to know this about me, or they tend to find out very quickly at any rate, and I really like Rugby Union, and as a kid I would go to matches with my dad, and we went to watch Canada vs Italy Rugby match as a birthday...
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    Things you never answer. Ever.

    "Are you really gluten intolerant, or is it a fad?" No asshole, I pretend I have an annoying medical condition which requires me to carefully read the back of packets at the supermarket and makes things that little bit more difficult and the only bread I can eat tastes like crap just to...
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    Bleach is coming to an end

    I am surprised that it has lasted this long. I haven't been interested in Bleach in years, as I felt that the story had gone on for far too long, rather like Naruto did.
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    Poll: Digimon vs Pokemon

    I really enjoyed both Digimon and Pokemon, but if you had to force me into a decision I would probably go for Pokemon, just because my childhood was Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow/Gold/Silver. I have recently finished Digimon Story, and I must admit it is one of my favourite PS4 games.
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    [Removed Post]

    I tend to pursue other hobbies, playing bass and guitar, reading, rock climbing and rambling mainly. I sometimes find that I have gone weeks without sitting down and playing a game, we could all do with a change every now and again. Just find something else you might enjoy.
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    What are You Playing Now / Last Game You Beat

    The last game I beat was Digimon story: Cybersleuth. I am currently splitting my time between Phoenix Wright: Dual destinies, and Pokemon Red on the Nintendo 3DS, Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness on the Gamecube and Dark Souls II: Scholar of the first sin on the PS4.
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    What are you listening to Escapists? (March 2016 Edition)

    I have been listening to these: My musical tastes do tend to vary a lot though.
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    Alan Rickman of Die Hard and Harry Potter Fame Passes Away At 69

    I found out at work. God, I don't think I have ever heard the lab being that silent Everyone literally downed tools and looked at each other in absolute shock which gave way to mourning. RIP Mr Rickman, you were too good for this world...
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    Poll: Paper magazines; who else bothers with them?

    I have never had a subscription, and nowadays I tend to only buy a magazine if I am traveling long distances and I have finished the book I happen to have with me and I want something new to read. I find that magazines are rather on the expensive side, so I will only buy one if I am incredibly...
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    Favorite Fictional Weapon(s)

    Curses! You win this round! Well played, well played.
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    What's your 2 am food?

    I cut up the apple and dip it straight into the almond butter. I am the only person in my house that likes almond butter so there isn't a chance that I annoy someone by leaving bits of apple in the container
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    What's your 2 am food?

    It would probably be an apple and some almond butter. It is my favourite snack, and a handy go to if I need a quick bite to eat. I don't tend to go for deliveries, as I prefer to go into the store and pick it up myself, and I'll be damned if I am venturing outside at 2AM in my neighbourhood.