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    Poll: What is your nationality?

    Seriously, Belgium? The fuck is Belgium doing next all those other countries that are actually relevant to anyone? No but seriously, Belgium is a tiny country, and it makes no sense whatsoever to include it in the poll. I'm from the UK by the way...
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    Negative Dark Knight Rises Review Results in Death Threats

    Except if you actually read it, it is a 'meh' review. She just said it had really great production values but felt it was lacking in soul. Anyway, she gave it two stars out of four, ie 50%, the definition of meh. (well, in film reviews, it's different in game ones.)
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    Inn0cence: Lost Future (Rough Draft Pitch Document)

    I would say unless you have any experience designing games then it would serve you better to write this as a book, a pulisher will be unlikely to listen to a random person, when everyone and their mother comes up with ideas for games. Let's face it, anyone can say 'precision combat', but it is a...
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    The Big Picture: Tropes vs. MovieBob

    Wow, that was really good! Seriously, some great points that I'd never thought of. Thank you, Bob.
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    Streaming Porn Service Blasts the PS3

    I have one golden rule: never pay for porn. And I intend to stand by that rule!
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    What's wrong with being Pretentious?

    A lot of the people in this other thread were criticizing Jonathon Blow (the creator of braid) for being 'pretentious'. But really, what's wrong with that? We're always going to have games that pander to the mainstream audience and make no attempt to deal with metaphors or the human...
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    Braid Creator on Games as "Sh**ty Action Movies"

    So, just to balance all the people calling him a pretensious asshole, I agree with him, to an extent. I still like big dumb action games, I just wish there were more 'arty' (god I hate that word) games.
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    "Virgin shaming": I know we have a lot of "but what about men's problems?" people out there.

    Well, okay, I think we just have a different defintion of scold. I agree opinions are harmless, to a point, but I will, for example, lose all respect for you, or not be friendly to you (you in general, not, er, you) if our opinions differ in certain ways.
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    "Virgin shaming": I know we have a lot of "but what about men's problems?" people out there.

    About just your last, if your opinion is dumb then I can call it dumb. If you think that all independant coffe shops should be purged from the earth I'm going to scold you. Equally I could be all Godwin and say if you agree with the nazis you should be scolded. This seems like a...
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    I've about had it with the gender wars around here.

    Sorry, this is totally unrelated to the thread at hand, but...why do you censor yourself? Because every time I see sh**ty I think in my head shitty, and I'm pretty sure that's what you thought when you typed it too. So, er, why? I agree, gender wars are stupid and based on meaningless...
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    Woah Woah Woah. Okay, let's talk about women for a second.

    I agree with all the other points, so don't get me wrong, but...'5)A thin woman isn't any less of a woman than a woman who has curves or is larger. All women are equal and all bodies are good bodies.' No, being too fat or too thin is medically unhealthy, it's gonna make you less happy, live...
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    Poll: What is holding gaming back, as an industry?

    Well yeah, obviously not everyone likes serious art. I'm not saying we should play exclusively serious stuff. I'm saying that *no one* in gaming buys 'serious art'. I probably shouldn't have used that term anyway, what I really mean is games about things other than violence, and games that...
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    Poll: What is holding gaming back, as an industry?

    The community. And I'm not talking about just the people who buy COD every year either. There is no market for medium budget 'Oscar bait' games like the hurt locker or the artist. The gaming community basically wants to play games about shooting people or beating people up, or escapist fantasies...
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    Creative License Makes For Gorgeous GlaDOS Cosplay

    This is not news. Don't put in the news section. That is all.
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    The Wii's life is almost over, what are your concluding thoughts?

    Why are so many people complaining about being 'drowned in shovelware?' You know you don't have to buy it, right? It isn't mandatory to buy every piece of shovelware you see. I hate to break it to you, I'm sure you've been put in to financial ruin already by your compulsive buying of cheap...