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    Yucca Plant Removal

    So I spent four hours digging it up. My neighbour's pickaxe help a lot. My neighbour also said to use some gasoline on the roots and cover it with mulch. A lady at a garden store said to try RoundUp. Diesel might be a good idea, especially since Yucca tends to be resistant to herbicide...
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    Yucca Plant Removal

    Has anyone had any successful experience when removing a Yucca plant? We just bought a house and the ol' biddy who owned it previously decided to throw whatever she had on hand wherever she wanted and now I'm left clearing up the mess. I've Googled it and have come across the standard...
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    The List Of People You Hate

    My wife's **** of a sister. And... ... my wife's **** of a sister. And... ... that is all.
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    Love Poems

    I don't actually "get" poems, I can't see the hidden meanings behind them. Normally I stay clear of them, I haven't read (well nearly any) poetry since leaving school where it was mandatory. That being said, I did write a Valentine's Day poem for the missus which had her gushing.
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    Poll: Have you ever been tired of music?

    Yes. I've been in a non musical funk for about... two years now. Just not interested in anything lately. Can't remember the last time I actively listened to music/the radio and enjoyed it.
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    Do you think you are Attractive?

    I think I'm attractive, depending on what I'm wearing/beard length and other factors. I get checked out on occasion, and odd times hit on, which is a plus for the self esteem. Do I fill a niche? No I don't think so. Maybe tall dark and handsome? Ask the wife for an answer!
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    Poll: Have creme eggs got smaller?

    I think I read on (the trustworthy) Wikipedia that they have gotten smaller after the Kraft takeover. That and the American ones were always smaller than the Brit ones.
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    Best Blog Ever? What is your favorite blogger?

    My best one? My cousin's! Gotta love the family!
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    Strangest thing you've Accidentally Swallowed?

    A 5 pence piece. I did not poop for 5 days. Then had a huge one. Should have taken a picture...
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    Can someone explain this to me?

    Yeah, I get it all the time. I wake up in the middle of the night about 2 or 3 minutes before my wife calls (she's in the US, I'm in the UK). No idea why this happens, it just does. The one with snap and your girlfriend sounds like deja vu though.
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    Another PS3

    I have a launch model (Apr 2007) still running strong!
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    I can't wrap my head around this word problem!

    Actually that isn't helpful. Over time you'd get less if you had more colonies. Example: 3 colonies = t*0.97 For 7 colonies = t*0.93 It should be 1+0.01 times whatever colony number. EDIT: Ninja'd!
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    I can't wrap my head around this word problem!

    For that particular example := Population = (50x + (t*(1-0.01x)) Where x is number of tiny colonies, t is time passed So for 4 tiny colonies := 50 x 4 + t*0.96 Wouldn't your population grow by 0.25 per second because of the four colonies? For every colony type:= Population = (50x +...
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    How do you deal with this person?

    Unfortunately talking with B doesn't work. She says one thing and as soon as she's gone or we turn our back she starts something else up. Ugh. My wife is currently taking the "cutting people out" route with her friends, and unfortunately also with her Grandma. I don't like sidelining the...
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    How do you deal with this person?

    Thank you all (and BosnaiK for a PM reply). We know the mature thing is to cut people out and leave B... be and say whatever she wants and not react, but having a several year time frame in order for her to grow the fuck up and mature is not really a pleasant option. We're supposed to sit...