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    CD Projekt Admits Writing Letters to Pirates Doesn't Help

    Sounds terrible. The production costs per copy go through the roof, it is impossible to digitally distribute, the consumer now has to keep track of the usb device instead of just the disk itself and pirates have a tiny modification to the game .exe that points it at an equally tiny .dll pile...
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    The Big Picture: You Are Wrong About Sucker Punch, Part One

    I stand by my opinion that this movie is still only about anime tropes, now with "deep" meta commentary that just ends up insulting everybody tacked onto the list of mechs, fetish apparel, zombies, multiple levels of reality, steampunk, sci-fi, nazis Imperial Germans and katanas. As such, I...
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    Pirate Bay Co-Founder Busted in Cambodia

    Nice strawman there. This is an article about blatant government corruption, not copyright infringement. And a "pirate sympathizer" doesn't exist because everybody in the world is a "criminal" in your words because listening to somebody elses radio or watching their tv is copyright infringement...
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    "Radnet Edition" of Prototype 2 Promises Tons of Extra Content

    Tl;dr - Wait for reviews, get half a game. No sale from me.
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    Jimquisition: Piracy - Trying To Kill It Makes It Stronger

    Imagine you log onto a forum and the first thing to meet you is an internet tough guy frothing at the mouth and raging about how you are a stupid little corporate drone and the source of all problems in the western world and how you are the worst scum of humanity and don't deserve blablabla...
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    Is Steve Jobs the 2nd Greatest Innovator of All Time?

    I'm curious as to where you went to school if they didn't teach you a single thing about technological advances in the last few centuries. Nikola Tesla invented electricity. Alan Turing invented computers. Tim Berners-Lee invented the internet. They're all pretty big things these days...
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    ACTA - EU member assigned to monitor it Resigns in protest.

    For the average person: a small price hike for luxury products. For small businesses: getting shut down the moment somebody bigger wants to move into your town. For humanitarian aid: completely crippled due to not being allowed to acquire cheap food and medicine, forced to buy from major...
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    Darksiders 2 Preview

    Personally I prefer "Death will be our savior" from the reveal trailer but that was probably too spoilery about the
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    Australian McDonald's Now Spraying Thieves With DNA

    Because copyright laws. Several enzymes and proteins required to effectively fight cellular dysfunctions like cancer have been copyrighted by different pharmaceutical companies who will never co-operate with one another.
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    Blizzard Cancels Blizzcon 2012

    It's Corpsegrinder []. Why anybody at Activision thought he should be invited to a social event where he is supposed to open his mouth for a purpose other then to show how bad Cannibal Corpse became since Chris...
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    Piracy, simply put.

    I can win discussions too by pretending reality contorts itself to fit what I'm trying to say too.
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    So most people understand that piracy is NOT theft, technically...

    The US supreme court says: "No, it's copyright infringement" The EU supreme court says: "No, it's not even a crime" But why would we listen to the two foremost authorities on legal matters while there is internet moralizing to be done? No, it was written into law because of lobbying and...
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    Piracy, simply put.

    Argument refuted by the existence of freeware.
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    [UPDATE] Feds Take Down Megaupload

    Except that the money laundering is an utterly bogus claim that hinges entirely on the fallacious claim that if alleged infringers make use of the premium service, the premium service was intentionally created for laundering money in co-operation with the infringers. Sort of like claiming the...
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    True Aim Using Golden Ratio

    Have you ever considered the possibility of something called the "placebo effect" and that setting your mouse sensitivity to an arbitrary string of numbers far beyond the rounding cutoff rate doesn't do anything to your accuracy because it is physically impossible?