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    What have you made lately?

    Some foodstuffs. 1) Homemade Vanilla Extract. Pretty dang simple, actually. Get some vanilla beans, cut them up, put them in a jar. Pour in some alcohol (first time doing it, so I used some cheap Kentucky Gentlemen). Shake it up a bit daily for about 2 months and keep it out of direct...
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    Our Covid Response

    Oh really, now? You never said anything of that kind? Your exact words: "This is probably the least deadly pandemic ever. Also, the cure is literally just Vitamin D!!!", immediately followed by you claiming that the mortality rate was massively inflated, and that our attempts to slow the...
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    The last thing we watched, cartoon/animu edition

    For what it's worth, general scuttlebutt I've seen is that Stampede actually does the CGI well. Plus...there's that upgrade they gave Wolfwood's Punisher...
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    Funny Events of the "Woke" world

    Seconded. Poor Unfortunate Souls is a villain song in which Ursula is trying to manipulate Ariel into forgetting that her voice is the only thing that would allow Eric to actually recognize her, something that Ariel immediately caught onto. Ursula, of course, immediately pivots to claiming...
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    Funny Events of the "Woke" world

    I did look at it with my own eyes. For fuck's sake, I quoted the study at length. That's why I know in no uncertain terms that you are misrepresenting the results. Once again: I'm the one who quoted the damn study several times over. I'm the one who quoted the author, the psychological...
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    Our Covid Response

    Bluntly, you've also demonstrated beyond dispute that you can't even keep track of your own arguments. By September of 2020, you were trying to dismiss Covid as the "Least deadly pandemic ever" whose cure was "literally vitamin D" as part of your further efforts to downplay it as a non-issue by...
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    Freebie Info - The Silent Age & Tunche [FINISHED]

    *stares at Tunche's poster image* In the upper left...Isn't that the girl from A Hat in Time?
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    Share some things that make you smile!

    Wow...the audacity of that tactic just strains credulity. But damn if it doesn't provide proper motivation.
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    Our Covid Response

    Backpedaling meaning that you changed your position mid-argument to avoid having to own up to having been wrong. Your position has consistently been - for a long time now - that methods to contain Covid were excessive on the grounds that Covid was less dangerous than the flu. How was it that...
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    The “WTF?!” Thread

    "Hey Absent? What's with the locked door in the West Wing?" "We locked it because of all the screaming that occurred when we left it unlocked. There are dark things in that room that tax the mind..."
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    Our Covid Response

    That is backpedaling, but moving on... That's why it's not an "either/or" situation, Phoenix. It's an "and" situation, and it's not a difficult concept. You don't look for one smoking gun trait. It's like building a case in court, there's rarely going to be a single piece of evidence that...
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    Funny Events of the "Woke" world

    Yes, you have. This is not a negotiable point nor a matter of opinion. You are objectively wrong and doing nothing more than throwing a childish temper tantrum over it.
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    Final Fantasy 16

    As a former chess enthusiast who routinely played Speed Chess, that's simply not accurate. Speed Chess is when both players only have a set amount of time to move across the entire game, as tracked by a pair of timers, such as these. Hit the lever at the top and the timer on your side stops...
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    Our Covid Response

    *facepalm* So you're talking about that bit that Agema already explained to you was a misrepresentative soundbite that you are incorrectly taking to imply a generalized point by exaggerating the scope of a specific data point and focusing exclusively on raw lethality without consideration for...
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    Funny events in anti-woke world

    ...Anyone else just flash to Hammer's expo entrance in Iron Man 2 after seeing that? Because that's where my mind immediately went when I saw that, and the more I think about their personalities, attitudes, and the efficacy of their endeavors...I can't help but feel there's more than a...