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    Planetary Annihilation at 90$ on Steam

    They paid $90 to get access to the alpha/beta before the game was out. Now if it is on Steam for $50 and you get the same access, it would be unfair. The game is still in alpha, it isn't out yet. If people on Steam want to get it in the alpha phase, they pay the same price as they would on...
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    Planetary Annihilation at 90$ on Steam

    I'm beginning to think this is another case of "people will ***** about anything". If they would have made it cheaper, it would have been unfair for the people on Kickstarter, if they didn't, now people are saying that they should get it cheaper... for... I don't know. They aren't paying to...
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    Planetary Annihilation at 90$ on Steam

    It is on Steam Early Access, which is pretty much like the game still being in development but letting you play the beta for it. Sounds like it is the same version for both, so now people can buy it on Steam for $90 or give $90 to the Kickstarter and get the same thing. This is what they have on...
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    Wendy's Kiboshes Unofficial Nine-Patty "T-Rex Burger"

    Reading this reminded me of that. My friend and I tried them one day, can't remember if I ate the entire thing or only had a few bites left, but about 2/3 of the way through it, my insides were hurting. It tasted good, but it was just painful.
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    Planetary Annihilation at 90$ on Steam

    Wouldn't be fair for the people who paid $90 on Kickstarter for the early access to the beta to give people on Steam early access for a cheaper price. That isn't greed, and people in the gaming community seriously need to learn what greed actually is. What they are doing is keeping their...
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    Poll: Do you think the xbox one will succeed?

    It'll do ok. Half the people out there, and on this site, screaming that it sucks and that the PS4 won will still most likely buy a XBone this year. I can still see a bunch of people actually being against it until Mircosoft becomes a little less fascist about it.
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    People are bitching way too much about the XBONE

    Neither look that great. I literally only have 4 games for my 360, and half of those are because of OCD. Plus, I like to be able to play my games and not have to rely on Microsoft to do so.
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    Microsoft's Yusuf Mehdi: We Need To Educate Consumers

    Someone needs to educate him in the meaning of the word "forward". You are forcing people to connect to your servers once every 24 hours. Everyone who wants to play a game on your console is relying on your servers being up and functioning for no reason at all. That is completely idiotic.
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    Why you should really, really stop buying from EA

    Alright, you convinced me. I'm going to stop buying games from EA because some random guy on the internet made a new account just to hate on EA. Well... until they make another game I'm interested in, that is.
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    CliffyB Thinks Used Games Are Bad, Sony is "Playing Us"

    My favorite memory of Cliffy B was when he said "We're not making Gears of War 2/3 on PC because of all the pirates", then Gears 3 was leaked and being pirated months before it was out shortly after that. OT: I see his point here, though. With all the babies complaining all the time about...
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    Pokemon X and Y Add Sky Battles, Horde Encounters, Fairy Type

    If he doesn't evolve into something that looks very similar to Zoidberg, I'll be disappointed.
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    Xbox One Limited To 21 Countries At Launch

    Well, I was saying that they shot themselves in the foot with a rocket launcher, but think the metaphor needs to be changed to tactical nuke by this point... can they make it any worse? *grabs popcorn and waits for the news tomorrow*
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    Torchlight II and Borderlands 2 - What the hell went wrong?

    Borderlands 2 - Well, I still play it, so they did something right, but it still has issues: The loot drops suck.
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    Elder Scrolls Online Will Segregate PC, Console Players

    Some games do, but I don't think very many do. I think Unreal Tournament 3 did, and I had used a mouse for one part of Dirge of Cerberus on PS2.
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    Elder Scrolls Online Will Segregate PC, Console Players

    Oh boy, and the posts just to start trouble have already started... OT: Probably good for PvP, just to keep it even. I'm not sure how much of a difference it makes with melee combat, but with FPS games, PC gamers have a huge advantage. Smart move on their part.