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    Dawn of War III's Open Beta Starts Today. Here's a Trailer to Celebrate

    Dawn of War 1 was great for the time and mixed it up enough to also stand out from the Command & Conquers, warcrafts, starcrafts. A sorta cover system very basic but it was 2004 and a morale system with WC style elites and with more of a focus like Ground Control did to get out in the battle...
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    Total War Website Countdown is Teasing a Reveal for Next Week

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    New Dawn of War III Trailer Shows Off the Locations You'll be Fighting In

    Im not sure im liking this new Sega Relic. Gabe now leaps around in Termi armor for the most retarded reasons ever, alot of ppl are weirded out by the art style looking very starcraftish moba ish. And oh look the questionnaire for the dow3 beta is talking about MOBA's hhmmmmm. I dont know...
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    Relic Games Offering Free Dawn of War Steam Codes for Owners of Boxed Retail Version

    Erm.........already did this on steam myself, and relic/sega was doing this a couple years back with any key that did not work. oddly enough my soul storm did not work, every other cd key did.
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    The Live-Action Ghost in the Shell Now Has a Trailer

    Vin Diesel I feel would have at least fit the look of Batu
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    CS: GO Patch Monetizes Sprays, Makes Them Limited Use

    WTF !?!?! Valve?! VALVE !?!??!!? Go home valve you drunk.I am just sad panda sprays have been free since.....ever. just WTF
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    The Upcoming Titanfall 2 Tech Test Won't Be Available on PC

    Agreeed. But like you say, at least we got honesty and not some half baked random bullcrap like EA/WB like to spin
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    Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide Headed to Consoles In October

    This is how Eternal Crusade should have done it, Instead we are getting a broken game with alot less features :(
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    Check Out 12 Minutes of Narrated Dawn of War III Gameplay

    Change his dam voice back. This is not Gabriel, some pretender who does flips in fucking terminator armor. HERESY just no NO. Jumps and flips ?!?!!? NO. Why is the pilot for the knight not got plugs and shit in her head ? Cover system looks very lame, overall its kinda underwhelming and feels...
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    Microsoft's Phil Spencer Says Mouse and Keyboard Support for Xbox One is "Months Away"

    ok then. Well. PREFERENCE. Controller is good for platforms, fighters. Not contest. Everything else is better with mouse and keyboard. PC you can plug in controller if you so wish depending on game, thats what i do for Metal Slug recently.
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    Microsoft's Phil Spencer Says Mouse and Keyboard Support for Xbox One is "Months Away"

    Yeh..... MADE FOR GAMING and still has to have abit of auto aim as well.....its not a good as a mouse and keyboard which was NOT MADE FOR GAMING, sorry but does not say much for the oh so great controller does it. But again like you said PREFERENCE ;) lol LOL
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    Ubisoft Confirms it Will Show Watch Dogs 2 at E3

    OMG So Iconic right ....RIOGHT ?! Dont care. Too Iconic.
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    Overwatch Review - Your Watch Has Begun

    Was thinking the same, they put so much effort into those shorts and making a story then I go into a few games and its like Titan Fall all iover again, a multiplayer game pretending it has a story. It just does not make sense to me.
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    Ghostbusters Director Calls Out "Assholes in Geek Culture"

    Pretty much right. When you have grown up getting alot of shit over the things you like and now all of a sudden those things you like are now popular, which is not a bad thing but when those same kinda assholes who gave you shit about it is all of a sudden all over it now its popular and...
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    Ghostbusters Director Calls Out "Assholes in Geek Culture"

    lol a shitty reboot cash grab is getting alot of dislikes ? The trailer was horrid and did not make me even smile. It feels very forced.