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    What game do you think has the most well executed story?

    It's hard to say because a well delivered story usually compromises gameplay. I found Dragon Age 2 did well in the story department but sacrificed too much gameplay for it. (It took me some time to get that, I've written about my confusing realtionship to this game here) The Witcher 2 was...
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    Poll: At what point is killing/hurting something wrong?

    I think it is wrong if you kill anything for no or petty reasons. I see food as a valid reason, I see luxury not as a valid reason. So meat is alright once in a while, but not on an every day basis. Killing another human for self-defense is acceptable if there was no other way, but other than...
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    Are there any video game with a female as the MAIN villain ?

    Two Worlds 2 had a "secret" female villain. Honestly, female villains are in films way more frequent than female protagonists.
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    PC Gaming is Cool And All... But...

    I always feel playing a game on PC is a more intimate thing. It feels more like reading a book whereas playing on consoles feels more like watching TV. (I think it's a matter of distance to the display and how you tend to sit by yourself on a chair in front of your TV but you can share your sofa...
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    Anyone else slightly excited?

    The crux is that people will keep doing what they've always done and the world will contuinue to circle down the drain because everyone absolutely HATES change, although it is high time things changed. People love to thoughtlessly consume, they love cheap things and affordability of a...
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    Do other countries really think ALL americans are stupid?

    This. Definitely. My American classmates always marveled at my aptitude in physics class when all it came down to was that I knew how to calculate with metrics. o.O
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    Do other countries really think ALL americans are stupid?

    I don't think you're all stupid. Just painfully ignorant. I'm German and I lived in the US for a year. I had an American Government teacher that would give us "A brief(!) overview over world history" and would start with Moses parting the Red Sea. "And after the Roman Empire collapsed, there...
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    The most exercise you've ever done

    I ran 10 km once. Took me like 1,5 hours, but I made it. Which was more than I would ever have expected.
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    Tomorrow I start high school.

    American High School is a joke academically. I'm German and I was the best of my class in English and I had to help my guest sister with maths although I didn't actually have any math classes. -.- But look out for those assholes. High school usually has lots of those.
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    Poll: Torchlight 2, everything Diablo 3 should have?

    Has anyone mentioned that you can have pets in Torchlight? Because you can have pets in Torchlight. *__* I'll think about getting Diablo 3 once they put in offline singleplayer and the thing doesn't cost 60 fucking Euro anymore. Until then: Torchlight 2. Think about the price-performance-ratio.
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    30 US Troops killed by Taliban in single attack.

    Gee, guys. You're at war. What do you expect?
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    Should games change to attract 'more' people, or remain the same to suit the 'fans'

    I think what I really want to see is not a change into the one or the other direction but rather a diversification of games so all kinds of people can find something they're interested in. I don't think the hardcore market should be ignored in favor of the larger casual crowd or the other...
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    So whats the deal with soccer/football?

    Soccer is hyped and the players are payed way too much here in Germany. Also: Puplic transportation totally breaks down when there's a soccer game in the vicinity. I think it's the same as carnival: People just look for an excuse to get drunk and behave like idiots.
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    Poll: Which game are you looking foward to most

    Torchlight 2 at the moment! XD