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    The Lazy Storytelling of Modern Games of Warfare

    Yahtzee, have you ever stopped and deconstructed your own views on foreign affairs and warfare? All the SJW complaints about the West should be shouted 100 times louder at its enemies. Call it bullying and a "difference of opinion" all you want, but you're tearing down the side that is for silly...
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    MMO Adaptation Will Ruin What You Love About Your Favorite Franchise

    I think the biggest issue most MMO's have is that they try to make the player feel unique and special in a world populated with other players. The second issue is that in most MMO's, there is no possible endgame other than 100% completion. I don't think either of these are necessary and combined...
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    Jimquisition: The Adblock Episode

    I think one of the biggest issues is that the advertisements are a poor fit to the audience. They annoy the audience and are often completely irrelevant to audience members' interests. But it doesn't have to be like that. There are plenty of products and services that I buy that I'd be totally...
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    Jimquisition: Joy Begets Anger

    Sorry to break up the circle jerk, but it's time for the cold tyranny of economics to step in. Each year/dev cycle there's only so much money that will go into game development. How this limited resource is divvied up, ultimately controls the content available to us, the consumers. How...
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    No Right Answer: Videogame That Should be an MMO

    My vote is for Pokemon as it would make the world's feel more real. As it is, you're always bumping into other trainers, make them real people with actual pokemon sets. Instead of these poor lifeless sods who stand all day in one patch of grass with perfectly healthy pokemon, sometimes you'll...
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    A Machine For Pigs: Daddy, Please Don't Kill Me

    This is something that's been bugging me for awhile. The type of horror Yahtzee likes is just a type. It's not the only way to do horror and isn't "best", just like Chinese cooking is not the "best" Asian cuisine. Slow horror and immortal horror both rely heavily on immersion and a desire to...
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    Jimquisition: Vertigo

    Jim, I actually feel sorry for you. It must be really awful to be a SJW and always seeing evil or bad in the world. You blatantly discount Saints Row, Mass Effect, TES, Fallout 3/NV. All of which can have non-traditionally attractive, ugly, and or old females. They can act from a variety of...
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    No Right Answer: Strongest Female Video Game Lead Ever

    I would like to argue that female player characters in the Bethesda RPG's would be better than either of the listed characters. Not only do they break away from women needing to be rescued, they don't inherently swing the opposite direction like Fiona of Shrek or Dark Angel. These FemPCs shape...
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    Jimquisition: Gamer Guys

    I actually agree with most of Jim's satirical points. Geeks have finally carved out some of their own spaces, and when people treat those spaces as essentially a theme park, it's quite frustrating. Many of us did get bullied for being geeks, and one of the big escapes for us, were video games...
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    Tutorial Torture

    As for combat related tutorials, enemy and player DPS would be great markers for what hints to give out. If a player is taking enormous amounts of damage, giving them defensive tips about sprint and crouch are a good idea. Meanwhile, if the player is only outputting half the damage they should...
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    Modern Warfare is a Comforting Lie

    Probably the worst article I have ever read on the Escapist. Why are IED's not included in video GAMES? Because they don't make sense in a FPS context. While most Iraq or Afghanistan vets probably know someone who was hit with an IED, still it's not like it's happened to the majority...
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    Nintendo Wants Its Cut

    Great! Maybe Nintendo can finally either get its act together or just die off and let it's IP go to people who actually love it. They just pump out stale IP and bad consoles.
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    Marines posed with Nazi SS symbol in Afghanistan

    Regardless of what the Marines thought the flag meant, is this really that big of a deal? That here are some pricks in an organization of 200k members (who are mostly young) is really that surprising? Given everything that's going on in the world, how is this a news story?
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    The Internet Needs Laws

    Here are a couple of the problems. 1st. This isn't a solution. The people who essentially only pirate instead of buying, will easily get around this. Likewise truly dedicated pirating sites will find ways around this as well. Meanwhile the people who do get punished will be those that get in...
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    The Sleepless Engineer vs. the Hypocritical Professors

    As a fellow engineering student I feel your pain but remember two things: the school flowchart and the maxim "C's get degrees". The school flowchart is: Cooperate, Graduate, Get The Fuck Out. So while its a pain in the ass, just do want you need to do to get by, pass the class and ideally never...