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    Is Bloodborne the Resident Evil game we deserve?

    Get yourself a strong Bloodtinge build, Evelyn, Cannon and you got yourself "Resident Evil: Cthulu Revelations"
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    What happened to the Escapist?

    I must admit, this discussion gives me a bit of a Gibbons' talk of the twilight of the Roman state vibe. Personally, I have a hard time ignoring the I saw a sharp decline in the quality of news articles, often shockingly so, considering the legacy of the conversations on the forums happening...
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    How do YOU organize your steam library categories?

    I have a few categories set up, but I generally promote the games I play a lot at the time to favorites, and later demote them into the respective category when I don't play it a much.
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    Happy Singles Awareness day.

    I am single(I guess...). Can't say I need a day to reaffirm my singlehood though, but I appreciate the thought.
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    MovieBob leaving The Escapist

    Yeah... Moviebob was the main reason I was coming back to the website. I may not have agreed with him on some things, but that's neither here, nor there. Their journalism quality was taking quite a dive recently, with proliferation of clickbait articles. Mr. Croshaw is the only thing that I...
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    What are you a fanboy about?

    Let's see... I'm going to go with 1900 era men's clothing and most of thinkers of the antiquity(even the bad ones are more entertaining and earnest than most of modernity).
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    A little moral quandary for you all...

    Having it available, and affordable appears to be the most amiable way to go. People can decide what they want do with themselves. Having a mandate to make people do it, would be something I would oppose. Strongly. I don't honestly see much difficulty here with this scenario. Also...
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    Dragon Age Inquisition - Your favourite party member

    I have to go with Solas. Did not think I'd like him at first, but he has a fascinating worldview and his entire, shall I say, "calling in life" is quite interesting. Very enjoyable character to talk to. Also, he [REDACTED].
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    What Type Of Phone Do You Use?

    iPhone 4S. It served me well, and integrates well with my DSLR and iPad. Plus I have a wide app legacy to choose from.
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    Who is the best fictional swordsman of all time?

    By Jove, that would be Sir Harry Paget Flashman! Unqualifiably,the greatest man the world has ever known. Warrior, gentleman, and a faithful servant of her majesty, the Queen. And of course, properly British, just as God intended.
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    Poll: The 12-year old Screaming Kid Myth

    I hardly ever play games that this kind of audience favors. But, I suppose, I've encountered characters of the sort.
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    Creative freedom is dying because of the mainstream blight?

    Long-long time ago Square was an innovative company, full of ideas and energy, creating things that people did not know were possible in video games. Old FF blew people's mind way back when. Stuff like "Live A Live" I still consider the most creatively designed JRPG to this day. Today's...
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    PSA: Ubisoft is Revoking Far Cry 4 CD-Keys From 3rd Party Re-sellers - Update 2

    Judging by the controversy surrounding unveiling of current generation on consoles, this may/may not last. Physical distribution is on the decline.
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    PSA: Ubisoft is Revoking Far Cry 4 CD-Keys From 3rd Party Re-sellers - Update 2

    But the publisher can still revoke the code associated with the physical copy of the game, leaving you with a fancy paperweight. Physical copy of FC4 without a working code is only marginally more useful than a digital version without a working code.