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    Glee Rips Off Jonathan Coulton

    Mmm. This may or may not happen, but just the thought of Jonathan Coulton completely legitimately suing Glee and thereby Fox for being unoriginal hacks fills me with holiday cheer.
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    No Right Answer: Best Tom Hanks Movie Ever

    I'm a little saddened that Dan and Chris both seem serious about their choices, since I found Forrest Gump and Apollo 13 to be oscarbation at its most obvious and otherwise not particularly compelling, but I appreciate the argument nonetheless. Still, I really hope all involved have at least...
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    Feed Dump: Surround Sound Coffin

    I love that Cam wants to use that abominable device for great justice. It's like if cyberpunk and reality TV had a baby, and that baby had fetal alcohol syndrome (I'm presuming that reality TV is the mother in this scenario, thus fetal alcohol syndrome is probably the least of its worries)...
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    300 Director to Develop Star Wars Standalone Based on Seven Samurai

    Damn it! I had a lightsaber gay joke all ready, what with it being Zack "Shut up, I'm married to a woman! No gay man has ever married a woman!" Snyder theoretically up to direct said Star Wars movie. Eh. Man of Steel's coming out soon (heh). That's all the ammunition I'll need.
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    Jimquisition: Only The Lonely

    The annoying fact is that multiplayer (as far as suits are concerned) just makes more money. So unless wise people like Jim tell them to fucking stop, there's going to be wads of spambots champing at the bits to shove their way into every sandbox game, Mario game, horror game, etc. And I'm...
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    Gold Bugged

    I guess there's something satisfying that immediately upon watching Argo I knew it was going to get snubbed in spite of turning out to be my favorite movie last year, but yeah...Was not ready for Silver Linings Playbook to be considered anything but garbage. Then again, I exactly didn't go see...
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    Escape to the Movies: Gangster Squad

    For a movie that talks so much about betrayal, the screenwriter didn't seem to understand how it works. Here's how you get a major character to feel betrayed: have somebody the major character trusts implicitly do something the major character doesn't want them to. This literally never happens...
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    Poll: A Certain Double Standard

    Gender stereotypes (I hesitate on the usage of 'roles' here) are not themselves good or bad, but they exist. And much as we like to tout progress, patriarchy still exists. Remembering that imitation is the highest form of flattery, of course women acting like men is more tolerated than men...
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    Dragon Age Writer Calls BioWare Forums "Toxic"

    I know it sucks to realize, but Bioware (by which I mean EA) is trying to sell their games to everybody, not just the internet effete. Until and unless emotionally unstable people stop being the main population of the vocal internet public, Bioware's just going to have to deal with it or risk...
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    On Gaymers and Cons

    In practice, all that really bothers me about gay events like these are the feeling that they're probably cooler than the not-specifically-gay events and that I don't feel ambiguously sexual enough to try to join the festivities. I'm still not sure which bathroom we're supposed to be in in...
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    Escape to the Movies: Les Miserables

    Poor fans of musicals. More than fans of most genres, they seem to be stuck in the quagmire of: "You didn't like this musical? Then you clearly hate musicals and therefore I don't have to listen to your criticism of this musical!" That's not a productive argument, people.
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    Movie Defense Force: Alien 3

    Fun episode. Never really had much of an attachment to the alien series as a whole (kinda liked them, not a rabid fan by any stretch of the imagination) but this seemed like a reasonable argument why 3 shouldn't be overlooked. Was that...Repo! the Genetic Opera in the intro? Aka 2008's...
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    No Right Answer: Best Science Fiction Job Ever

    Y'all are crazy. Starship captain, Person in Black, Ghostbuster and especially Pizza Guy in Porno all need freaking hazard pay what with their likelihood to either explode or have something otherwise horrible happen to their body. Best sci-fi job ever? Holodeck programmer. "Computer! Turn...
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    Same Sex Relationships (Finally) Coming to The Old Republic

    I'm not the biggest Chris Avellone fan in the world, but I'm pretty sure he's right on this point: voice acting for every single line of dialogue in huge RPGs is rarely worth it. My guess is that the major expense and time involved in the gay jedi buttsex isn't just changing some bits from...
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    The Big Picture: Worst Movies of 2012

    Pretty good list. There were a couple things on there that I actually liked (I really expected to hate Amazing Spiderman but I thought the douchey wuss was way closer to Peter Parker than any other incarnation I've yet seen, and I'm an easy sell for R-rated comedies with boobs so American...