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    Did the Borderlands series receive any controversy over its depiction of 'little people'

    Someone's taking Borderlands' portrayal of anything at all in a serious manner? Is this the same world I live in?
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    Valve Triumphs Over German Consumer Group

    Headline should read "Steam sales will remain a thing next year."
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    Poll: Should I buy all the Heroes of Might and Magic games?

    4 is weird(not a big fan), didn't play 5, 2 and 1 are way too old. 3 was awesome and I like 6 so I think I mostly agree with most people who posted. 1,2 and 3 are in the same world but 1 is mostly plotless if I well remember. If you want to get into that you might want to give might and magic...
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    How did you get that M-rated game?

    Played Doom, Mortal Kombat, Duke Nukem, GTA. I think the only controversial game from the 90's I didn't play when I was a kid was Carmageddon. Dad was a gamer and had no trouble introducing me to the concept that this was all fantasy, I don't see how cod and stuff is different today other...
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    Games For Windows Live closing down.

    It wrecked a lot of games by asking PC players to pay a fee for automatch and other basic services when it launched... It's obstructive and wonky, the servers are functional but the lobbies are worse than gamespy's. Really, the point of GFWL was making PC players pay yearly fees and having more...
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    Before clicking this, think of a game franchise. Any game franchise.

    Mass Effect, KOTOR, Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter nights. That would be a fun game huh, Jedi and future people fighting alongside D&D mages and warriors.
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    Why do game pundits love the word "trope" so much?

    It's like fiction doesn't have a history and every work should be completely independent from that history never paying homage to or drawing from anything that came before like it was possible or even something we'd like at all, right?
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    Batman: Arkham Origins maybe the best Batman game I ever played. (Why'd it do so poorly?)

    It is great, the story's beautifully crafted and there's competent nods to Batman year one, Killing joke and what-not. I seriously don't know what the fuck is up with people, guess they're just not batman fans and the game offered nothing new mechanically, still it should be a 7 at the very...
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    Alienware Steam Machines Can't Be Upgraded

    First, laptops are not generally for gaming and the ones that are cost a fortune. Obviously this makes Alienware's plan even more stupid when they're charging a fortune for their version that does less stuff as well. Secondly, Android for the win and while yes Samsung has dropped into the...
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    Is EA Really That Evil?

    Diablo, Warcraft and Starcraft. To be fair other than a few Marvel games and the Transformers games from High Moon I don't even know what the hell activision does these days(other than cod of course.) but I know you can pay 25$ for the newest mount in wow, Starcraft II was made to capitalize on...
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    Is EA Really That Evil?

    Activision's to blame for the 60$ game far as I'm aware, also modern franchise annualization and selling pixels for 20$ and unnecessary map pack DLCs and Premium subscriptions to games you already have(started with MW).... Hell I don't know how EA is more maligned than Activision! EA did eat...
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    80's and 90's cartoons you WOULDN'T let kids under 12 watch now

    I played Doom and Diablo as a kid and turned out pretty normal, there's nothing I'd deny from my child with some proper explanation it really can't hurt. Cartoons from my childhood, here where I live Anime(not the butchered US versions btw) and tokusatsu took off in the 90's and I remember a...
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    Building a PC - Does this seem good?

    I'd personally drop the bluray drive... I don't even use disks anymore but that might be an unpopular opinion. Is 500 GB HD enough though? I'm with 2.5 TB here and am starting to want more. I use a FX-8350( for CPU and am very...
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    Character Identity: Path of Exile & Diablo II + III

    Diablo II gave you freedom... And then you went online to check the 3 to 5 viable builds per character and went with one of those. Fun huh?
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    Fallout 3 or New Vegas? (yes, this question again)

    Vegas is better at being Fallout, with more humour and a closer setting to Fallout 2. Fallout 3 was good but not as good at being Fallout, it's really simple.