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    What game got you into gaming?

    Tiberian Sun was the real kicker for me. I'd played bits of Red Alert and it'd grabbed me a little, but then that came out and I was hooked for life.
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    What's the story behind your avatar?

    Hypnosis. Enjoy.
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    First-Person Medieval Game with Dragons

    Glad to know everyone's reading the OP.
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    Rift Earns World Record for Most In-Game Marriages

    That awkward moment when you find out that this is actually legally recognised in the real world as well, and that people really did get married inadvertently.
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    Poll: If you could do without one bodily function...

    Going with the flow and saying sleeping. I'd like to have the option, but I'd be much happier if it was optional and that I didn't have to start losing concentration every 8 hours.
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    Poll: If you had the choice to be a vampire....

    I could dig that. I voted yes. After all, I'm only ever up at night time these days (joys of unemployment), I've got no real social life to miss, and it'd make life generally more interesting and worthwhile.
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    unlimited supply of a foodstuff

    Does this have to be a personal thing, or can we sell it on, solve world hunger and be the most popular person in the world? Personal, I think I'd probably have a bottomless tomato ketchup fountain. I eat enough of the stuff that it'd make a significant impact on my grocery costs...
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    Skyrim. R.I.P. Companions.

    You made me laugh. That should be a new verb!
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    Sandboxes: How big is TOO big?

    Games really do vary wildly, and it's not often to do with age or tech. Take for example: All of these pale compare to Daggerfall, yet all of them can be classed as having more "content". Barren fields, like Red Dead Redemption (though lots of random events helped mitigate this) or...
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    The Setting Of The Last Game You Were In Is Your New Home

    I guess I'm off to get eaten in the Zone then. No way in hell I'd ever survive STALKER's world.
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    Poll: Thinking of Leaving My GF of Three Years

    As someone who was left for no particular reason, I say stick to the devil you know. Don't throw away something that you like for something that may possibly be better. If the above doesn't ring true, then you need to get out.
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    BioWare Pits Blonde Against Brunette in New FemShep Poll

    A thousand times redhead.
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    Do you like hoarding things in games?

    I hoard unique items. I never carry around common gear - for example I won't carry around laser rifles if every third mook drops one. My epic Morrowind save had five strongholds (Telvanni chain allows you to procure all three at once of the House strongholds!) of which my Mournhold stead held...
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    Poll: "Show a little sympathy; all death is tragic !"

    My grandad just recently died. He was ready to go. His death wasn't a tragedy. His life was celebrated, we reminisced, we went home. This isn't heartless; I know for a fact that he was waiting for the end for a very long time, so the final release was probably welcomed with open arms.
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    Hard Hitting Viral Video Released Depicts Terrifying Near Future

    Oh don't worry, it'll turn out fine... sort of... After all, more than 20 years after the augmentation is introduced the human race will still be there. And then everyone gets gray death and dies.