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    Here's your new ultra edgy Joker!

    I expect the Joker to appear shirtless once, maybe twice in the entire goddamn movie so the tattoos don't bother me too much. Grill turned me off but the explanation of Batman kicking his teeth in seems appropriate. The only tattoo I actually have an issue with is the 'damaged' one. That is...
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    Should I try Bleach again?

    Honestly: no. No, you should not. The manga has become such a incomprehensible mess. Ichigo is the C-plot in his own story. The Quincy are the most boring villains since the final boss in Naruto, their leader is Aizen minus the charm (but with amazing facial hair) and the story just keeps...
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    Aliens give you a starship...

    Assuming it has FTL? First I'm beaming up my friends, Neil Degrasse Tyson and perhaps some babes for a space roadtrip of a few years to look for alien civilizations. After that, my glorious return to earth where I'll essentially hold the world hostage to end all wars or risk annihilation by...
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    How old is too old to be a gamer?

    I can't wait till I'm 90 to play Pokemon Table&Chair version. You are only too old when you think you're too old but gaming is for all ages.
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    So Just How Much DLC Does Evolve Have at Launch? $100 Worth

    But they don't want us to think of this as shady business.... they said so themselves.
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    Why the Marvel Movies Should Ditch Peter Parker

    "Lets go full clone saga and bring the Scarlet Spider"- Avi Arad, probably. At some point.
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    Poll: Netflix Zelda Live-Action Series: Are you worried?

    I remember an april fool's trailer for a Legend of Zelda movie a few years back and it was pretty hype. The biggest concern at the time was how they'd fit an entire game's worth of adventuring into a 90 minute movie. Turning it into a serie might work but than it becomes more a concern of budget...
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    Doctor Who's David Tennant Joins The Marvel Cinematic Universe

    That would be kind of adorable really....
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    How to semi-Hepler Dragon Age Origins?

    In DA1 I always prefered bringing both Wynne and Morrigan in my party, playing a rogue myself. I'd rush both of them to learn Haste, which made the more tedious dungeons (Deep Roads) a lot more tolerable. Also helps that it increases your dps, which as a dual wield rogue is always a good thing...
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    Video Game Character Crushes

    Morrigan from Dragon Age Origins. I suppose it's mostly the way her voice actress delivers the flirty lines because damn that voice. Also Chie from Persona 4, for cheer derpy adorableness that can still kick your ass. Seriously though, she just seems like so much fun to be around...
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    Understanding Polygamy

    I've been in a shortlived polygamous relationship myself. When it worked, it was a lot of fun and the three of us did genuinely care for each other. Unfortunately one of us came from a different culture and kept butting heads with the other, both being fairly headstrong individuals. For a while...
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    Criticize games you enjoy

    Too much water. 7.8/10 Sorry, serious face now. Persona 4 had a difficult dialogue segment and if you gave the wrong answers you are given a bad ending. This locks you out of two dungeons. This happens nowhere else in the game. Persona 4's True ending is almost impossible to achieve...
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    Recommend a manga

    Its a bit more light-hearted but I'll take any oppertunity to recommend Full Metal Alchemist. It has some really dark and dramatic moments, plenty of likeable characters and a great over-arching story.
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    Your reaction if we went to war with North Korea?

    Short term thoughts: Yes, definitely. It is a cruel dictatorship, concentration camps included and should probably be purged. Long term thoughts: Bad idea. Wars are never short. Much wasted life on both sides. South Korea will get caught in the crossfire. China might get some funny ideas...
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    Poll: I hate all the Mega Man games

    Yes but with an asterisk. The core games are pretty damn difficult. I myself only beat Megaman 2 out of a obligation of pride towards M2, it being the first game I ever played. The Battle Network series however? A lot more forgiving.