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    How do you argue that you're not homophobic/racist/etc?

    point to your favorite homosexual/minority actor.
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    Blatant Lies

    my photo is from final fantasy 8,000,000
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    Half-Life 3 Won't Be At E3 2014, Says Valve

    *audible gasp* also I like to think they will go all "400 days" in here relieving in the first trailer that the game will be released within a day of the first day
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    So, will you be participating in "Ceasefire friday"?

    i am and for the record people we are taking a stand not blaming games
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    Valve Unleashes the Potato Sack Reunion

    does anyone else see whats happening here? ok so they start with half life 2 and then stop after the big reveal then they appear to stop caring and do other things like portal 2 and left 4 dead then this potato sack where there are lots of games they are setting up for half light 3 where...
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    One Million Moms Fights Gay Superheroes

    so wait. . . what was the point here again? also I don't see any gay people against straight super heroes. for a final note it's called freedom of speech LOOK IT UP
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    SOPA Storms Back

    funny thing is that will probably happen in a day
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    Sony Admits Private PSN Info Has Been Stolen - All Of It

    the person who hacked PSN will probably see that and hack your account. if not they'll see this comment and then hack you
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    Your name has now been changed to your username

    I could definetly live with it I meen its awesome what more can I say
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    Fox news goes at it with Duke Nukem Forever's "Capture the Babe" mode

    now fox keep in mind this was in development for 12 years would fox do the same 12 years ago probobly not