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    Jack is Back: Samurai Jack Returns to Adult Swim

    This is good news. Hopefully they do more Megas XLR too
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    Report: Final Fantasy XII Remake Coming Out "Soon"

    Dont we still need the HD remakes for 9, 10 and 10-2 on PC?
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    Watch Now: Suicide Squad Comic-Con 2015 Trailer

    Spring Breakers Joker has me sad. Harely looks okay i like the actress she could pull it off. The rest is pretty meh over all
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    GTA V and Other Games Have Their Prices Raised as Steam Sales Begin

    i was really pissed when i found this out, dissapointed in a dev i really liked too. With these shady dealings and no RDR for PC im ready to quit rockstar for life.
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    Rockstar Price Hike and the Steam Sale

    So it seems Rockstar hiked the price of GTAV in advance of the steam sale so that with the discount the game is actually going for the normal RRP. It seems they have bundled in some stupid in game money cards to justify this too and you cant buy just the game by itself. Anyone else a little...
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    Magneto Leads The X-Men In E Is For Extinction

    Wow whoever is doing those interiors has Quitley's style down. I'm not sure how to feel about this since i loved Morrison's run so much and all the x-men runs that came after have seemed to be about slowly undoing what he did.
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    Star Wars Gets Its First Canonical LGBT Character

    Im pretty sure that Mandolorian girl from Rebels is Lesbian
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    LoadingReadyRun: The Xth Way to Y

    Too beatiful
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    LoadingReadyRun: The Xth Way to Y

    i imagined the "x ways to y" musical number in my head to the tune of "dumb ways to die"
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    Rumor: Andrew Garfield Already "Fired" From Spider-Man

    I hope someone hacks FoX so Marvel can get my beloved mutants back... Even tho i know it'll take more than a hack at this point.
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    Bob Hastings, Voice of Batman's Commissioner Gordon, is Dead

    Big bucket of win. He will be missed :(
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    Movie Defense Force: BloodRayne - Meatloaf Is A Vampire In It

    loved those Dean Cain cameos
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    The Show You Should Be Watching: Rick & Morty

    100 years rick & morty
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    Marvel's Agents of SHIELD Uses Mass Effect 3 Art In Recent Episode

    looks like a Greg Land job.
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    The Big Picture: Junk Drawer 2014

    There is an amazing scene in both the comic and animated feature of All-Star Superman that really shows off the ideas Bob has about Lex and his resentment towards 'the alien'. It's the one were he is pumping iron and talking to clark in prison, it really lines up with The Rock thing.