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    It's a Mechwarrior Online Multimedia Meltdown!

    Yes yes yes yes!! Oh right, I don't want to get nailed for low content so let me just say that I freaking want this game SO bad. And it's free...yessss :D
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    Opinions on the Timesplitters Series

    I only owned 2 and 3, but god they were just the most amazing FPS games I've ever played in my life. So much random goofy fun with diverse weapons, maps, and characters and by far on of the best multiplayer experiences I've had. I hope they hurry it up with 4.
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    How about you let me PLAY my game?

    Gotta say, this. That's what MGS is all about really. It's not something inherently wrong with the series, it's just a different style. Then you have no one to blame but yourself if you're upset with the game. It's not starting an argument, it's trying to end one.
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    Your Favorite Anime

    Yu Yu Hakusho will stay my favorite but I gotta say, getting into Fairy Tail has made me really love that series, it might be tied at the top with how amazing it is to me.
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    Games you're convinced nobody else is playing?

    You reminded me I need to finish that series. My problem is I always get to Outbreak...and then get the desire to completely play through G.U. I do love the original series, but the combat just pales in comparison. But either way, you're not alone, as since I let my friend borrow G.U. recently...
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    2012 Games That You WILL Buy

    Guild Wars 2 is the big one, I'm pushing myself into buying a new laptop just to be able to play it better. (I was going to get a new one anyway, this is just making me want to get it even sooner) Not a whole lot more to say, amazing MMO. Want. Now. Mass Effect 3 obviously hasn't been getting...
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    What Would Dragon Taste Like?

    I'm getting an image of some sort of...chicken...maybe mixed with pork? That or some super delicious flavor we cannot even begin to hope for(Or so I wish). I'd imagine a little natural spiciness to it as well. Served with any number of potato related side dishes, because potatoes are goooood.
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    Is it bad to get into something, because of something that came after it?

    If it lead you to it, it lead you to it. Honestly, I liked the Bebop movie anyway...I thought it was pretty good. Then again, my standards aren't ridiculously high. :P Don't worry too much about what "big, true" fans of the series think. You like what you like, and enjoy it. Instead of worrying...
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    Capcom has confirmed that Ninja Theory will be rebooting Megaman X

    Ahhhhhh, I fell for it. I couldn't help but lol at the spoiler though. I bet you anything he'd do it. I'm amazed the guy gets through doors with an ego that big.
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    Which football team should I follow?

    Yes that's correct. It is the culmination of the entire season's worth of effort to reach that game and win it.
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    Which football team should I follow?

    So we beat you twice the year...because...? Na, it's all in good fun, just as long as you recognize BOTH teams are fantastic. :P Be careful though OP, both teams are bitter rivals, liking both just doesn't happen. o.o
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    You must now live off the last food and drink you consumed!

    Hot Wings and Milk. Well, I am officially set for life. I don't think that could get any better if I tried.
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    Dark Souls rage/ rant thread

    It's not really a glitch or else there wouldn't be a special animation for the attack when he tries to stop you. But if you don't want to do that...then fight him in the little passage in the wall near him. All he can do is slap a tentacle at you. Stay away from the splash damage then run up and...
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    If you are not playing Modern Warfare 3, what are you playing instead?

    Monster Hunter Freedom 2. I love this series.
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    Who else thinks that ME3 will be a dissapointment.

    It'll be fine. ME2 was great, and I find it astonishing how people are counting lack of leveling depth towards it no longer being an RPG. I understand it's typically hand-in-hand but you're still playing a role, and to the same depth as ME1. And if the numbers are really what you care about...