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    RIAA Asks Famed Pirate To Join Anti-Piracy Campaign

    I think we should get people together to raise the money to pay this fine. But not pay it in a check or wired deposit. No. Pay it in truckloads of coins. Pennies. Nickles. Dimes. Massive amounts of coins. Just dump it on their front-lawn. Stinkin' RIAA.
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    GameStick's GDC Debut Brings Mobile Games to Your TV

    If you look, the USB stick fits into the controller when not in use. Pretty smart, actually. Carrying one means carrying them both. Aside from the pointing out that Android is more then merely a phone OS, you're missing the point of the device: It's an extremely small home console. An iphone...
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    GameStick's GDC Debut Brings Mobile Games to Your TV

    No, it's an android-based console that is the size of a USB stick that plugs into a TV via an HDMI port and connects to the 'net via wireless. For $80. Throw an emulator on there, and you've got a massive library of games on an already pretty neat little device!
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    GOG Sale Lets You Pick 5 Favorites Up To 80% Off

    Why not?! It's a fantastic game! I haven't tried American Nightmare yet, and I've heard it's not nearly as good, but the original Alan Wake is great!
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    Arma III Preview: A Taste of Brilliance

    Yeah, I'll just buy it tonight. I know I want it, and my check came in today (I thought it was next week!) so that's pretty much decided. Can't wait to try it out!
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    Arma III Preview: A Taste of Brilliance

    As a MOD I DEMAND the keys or I will BAN you FOREVER! No, not really. Can you imagine? But I would totally take one! I'll be buying it no matter what, but a little play time in before the paycheck would be sweet! More on topic: I've had ARMA 2 for a while, but never got big into it until...
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    Mass Effect Trilogy Will Include DLC

    This is bullshit. The only 'free' DLC they are including here is Bring down the Sky and Pinnacle station. And one of those, Pinnacle Station, is effing retardedly useless. Everything else is included with the Cerberus Network, which comes with any new copy of ME2. So, really, they are "giving...
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    Buying my first handgun, looking for suggestions and input

    If you're on a budget, try a Hi Point 9mm. Very inexpensive ($150), low number of parts, and reportedly surprising reliable. Review: They also make a 9mm carbine!
  9. Baby Tea Coming to New, Mystery Operating System

    I just want to say that, for Digital distribution, nobody can beat the selection of Steam, but NOBODY can beat the QUALITY of I mean, Steam is convenient, it's got achievements and aweseom, awesome sales, and easy installs with a great UI. I love Steam. But GOG? I'll buy a game there...
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    BioWare Co-Founders Retire

    It was Baldur's Gate that turned my little hobby, my little fun thing to do, in to a full fledged passion. To 1998 Baby Tea: Baldur's Gate showed that games could be powerful, expansive, emotional, fun, and everything a good book could be. Baldur's Gate 2, Jade Empire, Mass Effect, Dragon Age...
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    Mann Up in Team Fortress 2 Co-Op

    I don't think you do. The 99 cent price tag is to get on official servers, but only if you have the free-to-play version (I.E. Never ever bought anything for it ever). I'm 99.99% sure this is the case. EDIT: I'm wrong! Haha, whoops! A little more research on my part would have avoided that...
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    GNU Project Founder Calls Steam on Linux "Unethical"

    Well, to start, that's simply not true. There are plenty of games available for Linux. Perhaps not AAA titles, but there are plenty of games available. Pardon? Never had to do this. I've had to modify a few scripts to launch the game very specifically, but never edit any drivers. I've played...
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    GNU Project Founder Calls Steam on Linux "Unethical"

    This seems extreme. I'm not sure what exactly you're trying to do that requires you to write your own scripts, or what distribution you're using. I've done everything from audio editing (I'm a radio producer by trade), word processing, networking, server set-ups, photo manipulation, desktop...
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    GNU Project Founder Calls Steam on Linux "Unethical"

    How long has it been since you used Linux? I can get an Ubuntu or Mint machine up and running a Windows game in Wine without typing a line of code. Both of those distributions (Just to name two) are extremely user friendly. They are different than Windows, no question, but still very user...
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    GNU Project Founder Calls Steam on Linux "Unethical"

    There have been, and are, other companies that sell software for Linux. But I can't think of any company like Valve making this kind of push. As far as I know, it's pretty unprecedented. Which is why it's both so exciting, and so scary.