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    Unskippable: X-Blades

    Wow, I never heard of this game before watching this and ZP. I wish I never did. So horrible. Funny episode, though.
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    Doomsday Arcade: Episode Seven

    This is my favorite episode so far, keep up the great work guys. The guy who played the Vault Dweller was fantastic, I hope to see more of him in later episodes. You all are very talented. :)
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    PC Developers Aiming Too High?

    DeadlyYellow: As technology evolves, so will games. New things are constantly being tried, things are always being improved. Isn't this what we want in the industry? I much prefer innovation and progress over stagnancy for the sake of people who can't afford to update. If you are on an "old...
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    Emotive Scenes

    Anything and everything in BioWare RPGs. They just have it down so well.
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    Body Found Near Barrie May Be Missing Gamer - UPDATED

    At 7 years old, no child would last long in the big, dark, and scary world all alone without becoming scared and running back to the safety and security of home. I'm sure that you, as a widdle man, had no intention of going back home. However, despite the stubbornness of young children, that...
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    PC Developers Aiming Too High?

    My $1.5k machine can run pretty much anything on max, including Crysis, without being laggy. I think this guy is exaggerating juuuuuust a little.
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    Body Found Near Barrie May Be Missing Gamer - UPDATED

    Emotions are what separate us from the animals. Every kid runs away for awhile at least once in their life, to "show" their parents they're srs bsns, but they always wander back home. Looks like this one was just unlucky. Poor kid.
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    Poll: Manditory Service in the US

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    Dark Sector, or "Like Gears from the Bargain Bin"

    Argh, I was so excited about this game when I bought it. It was really freakin' good at first, but then it was super repetitive and made me want to smash the console. One thing I'll say about it is that it's really~ freaking pretty. Probably the best graphics right now on the 360.
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    Final Fantasty VII - Taking Fandom Too Far

    I really liked this game when I was younger, but now I can't stand it. Maybe it's because I've had a taste of quality RPGs(see: anything BioWare) and just can't go back to the JRPG style of playing a book, more or less. FF7 was good in its time. But, like you said in an earlier comment, it...
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    174: What if the Player is Black?

    Looking for a non-stereotyped black character in GTA games or Saint's Row is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Like I've said, There are plenty of black characters that aren't stereotypical. If you want to find them, play western-style RPGs. You can create black characters without...
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    174: What if the Player is Black?

    Well-written perhaps, but not very well-researched. Sure, most black characters in games are stereotyped, but the author didn't even acknowledge the existance of characters that aren't.
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    Hellgate: London Still Canceled, New Expansion Announced

    Er, Hellgate has a single player mode.
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    174: What if the Player is Black?

    Err, what about Captain Anderson from Mass Effect? He's black and also a good, strong man who fights for what's right. Cornrow and afro-free, too. He's got a military-style buzzcut. Or Jolee Bindo from KotOR. He's an irritable old man but also one of the wisest characters with lots of...