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    So is the Escapist dead?

    Site started bleeding video content and the owner didn't work well with the editors, especially with GG compounding it. Slow decline and then a big issue like that put things in a downward trend and given alternate revenue streams became a thing there was no real reason for content creators to...
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    Black Panther Teaser Trailer

    Mainly because they don't feel like being entrenched in centuries of constant warfare defending their boarders to ensure their technology and vibranium isn't stolen by the rest of the world. They've cured almost every disease, have the most advanced military tech, completely energy independent...
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    For Honor base down 93% in only 3 months

    I got into the Beta and that convinced me to not buy the game. I loved the combat system, it's one of the best melee combat systems in any game that I've played but in my first match the game stuttered multiple times as the hosting player left and the game had to bounce to someone else. The...
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    Americans, tell me about your state

    Minus the shift in Kentucky politics over the recent cycles, it's a good state. Wineries and distilleries in every direction, balanced weather pattern, close enough to Ohio for day trips. We have a state tax but having driven in a fifth of the US, by far one of the best maintained road systems...
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    Forgotten TV Shows

    John Doe, it was an interesting take on an alternative detective show. Amnesiac who wakes up knowing practically everything in the encyclopedia and then some trying to Sherlock cases and work out who he is. Then it went a bit sci-fi at the end of the season and I can understand why it started...
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    Star Wars: Battlefront 3 Fan Remake Galaxy in Turmoil Gets Cease and Desist from Lucasfilm

    "What? Someone is making a free version the game that we knew Star Wars fans would have shelled out their firstborns for but we felt like half-assing? Quick, lawyers, stop them from competing with our inferior product!" I kind of expected this would happen when I first heard about it...
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    Wonder Woman and Jusitce League official movie trailer

    Yes, and none of them were Zeus. Of the six gods that gave her her powers and brought her to life, Hermes was the only male and if memory serves he was involved after she came to life. That was the point though, her creator intentionally kept her from having a male progenitor. For reference...
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    Wonder Woman and Jusitce League official movie trailer

    Justice League: Why would the Flash wear armor? As mentioned before, it makes no sense. Armor is for reducing injuries from being hit, unless this Flash has fought speedsters with knives or something warranting armor all it could do is encumber him and/or limit his range of motion. Otherwise...
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    Where in the timeline is zelda breath of the wild

    We know two important game lore facts that narrow the choices down, Hyrule was established and the Master Sword is resting in its pedestal in the Sacred Grove / overgrown Temple of Time. The fact that Hyrule was established means it can't directly follow Skyward Sword since that doesn't happen...
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    First Trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Debuted at E3

    Judging by the Treehouse videos, I think there will be things that can one shot you regardless. In a few of the videos they tried taking on an awakened, but stuck, guardian which was doing about 5.5 hearts worth of damage a shot, albeit with a long delay. It was built like a tank with 500 HP and...
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    So, how many dudes here roll a female character? Also vice versa?

    50/50, single player RPGs because I want to see if there's different dialogue or content based on sex and MMOs because I like not having the same character model across every character.
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    Could Batman defeat the entire Avengers?

    No prep-time has been pretty well covered, he can take the folks at or just above peak human, including Cap and Winter Soldier. Panther's suit might be a bit too much for Batman's regular arsenal to handle. With one-sided Prep-time and the first move, a lot of it would be the same kind of BS...
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    Poll: What would you do with your dream super power?

    My power is I can perfectly mimic a 20th level 3.5 D&D Wizard or (Pathfinder Arcanist) with a spellbook containing every Wizard spell printed by WotC and Paizo and no Xp loss since Xp doesn't exist in our world. I would create my own little island and tell the world governments to play nice...
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    Fable Legends Officially Closes Down

    Oh Microsoft, where good game studios go to be harvested for organs and discarded. Though at least they get a funeral, unlike over at EA.
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    Does 0.9999 = 1?

    1/3 is exactly one third of one. Numerically as a decimal, it is 0.33 repeating. There is no way to write the decimal notation because it does not perfectly divide. It is the precise third of the number 1. If multiplied by 3, it equals 1 because the precise third of a number multiplied by 3...