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    The NFL is unbelievable! Are you kidding me?

    A few things you should really add in before you sit here fussing up a storm. 1) Prior to this incident Ray Rice has been a model citizen and has done more for others in his short lifespan than most of us will do in our entire lives. Yes he has a lot of money, but that doesn't change the...
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    Movie Bob gets called out by Chris Roberts on PC gaming

    Too bad about C&C hadn't heard that. I will say that Total War is honestly neither an RTS nor a Turn based strategy game as it truly is a good mix of both. However the point I really was wishing to make was that RTS may not be doing all that well, however, that's not really the fault of the...
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    Movie Bob gets called out by Chris Roberts on PC gaming

    Company of Heroes 2, Rome Total War II, Command and Conquer: Generals 2. There I just named three RTS games that will sell incredibly well and will all most likely be released in the next year or so. Not to mention the ones already out there, Rome Total War, Medieval Total War II, Company of...
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    US military to allow women in direct combat

    Never stated that it was. Simply arguing that the Draft should have included them the moment they go the right to vote. The right to vote is the greatest power one can wield in this country. The vote literally decides who is elected to office. While it is technically independent of the draft...
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    US military to allow women in direct combat

    Does this mean they have to put in for the draft like they should have had to do since they got the right to vote?
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    Rumor: PS4 50% More Powerful Than Xbox 720

    As a former Xbox gamer all I can say is............good. My PC was getting hungry, I must feed it something. All jokes aside, I just hope they're affordable for people. I mean the point of a console to me was to be a system that most people could afford to buy that allowed them to play most...
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    BioWare Charts Star Wars: The Old Republic Free-to-Play Restrictions

    I broke out laughing when I saw the list and saw that I have to buy a license to use the gear I earned on my character before I let my sub run out. I had already given up on this game about 3 items into the list, but hey that's what I get for even considering coming back to this abomination of...
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    It comes down to this. Was he killed because he was black or was he killed because he was a significant character and it was supposed to be a kick in the nads. To me it is clearly the latter. Therefore the fact that he is black plays not part in it. There is no basis to call trope on this...
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    EA Still Confident in BioWare

    Anyone who is a sports fan here knows that this is the kiss of death. Specifically in American Football an owner giving his vote of confidence in a coach means that coaches ass is getting fired in short order. All we can hope for now is that EA cuts Bioware up, the talented people left over...
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    Woman robs man on side of road, Two "samaritans" help her because she's a woman

    I've had this happen twice on and around my college campus walking home from parties, never saw both start but I saw an incident where both a man was being attacked and a man was attacking. In the instance where the man attacked he ran off before we could restrain him and in the instance where...
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    (As we all know) Women are not new to gaming.

    This is a little off topic, but it seems that harassment in gaming is a big issues for most women so I'll give my totally irrelevant and completely useless opinion on the matter so that I can feel I contributed something. :D Grow some thick skin, hunker down, and get out there women. Prove...
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    Star Wars: The Old Republic Goes Free-to-Play

    And WoW a bastard shade of its former self crushes yet another pretender. In all seriousness though as an optimist who tried to like the game and spent 6 months playing it I can say that most of the hate it gets, most of the negative feedback, and most of what is spewed about this game is...
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    We're Apex Predators. Evolution put us where we are and if humans are anything we're opportunistic. So I'm going to consume meat, vegetables, fruit, and all other foods that I can acquire because evolution (and personal circumstance) has given me that luxury. If vegans/vegetarians don't...
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    BioWare "Falsely Advertised" Mass Effect 3

    I don't want my money back, I don't want to sue them for false advertising, I don't want to single out Bioware. I just want the last 15 minutes of that game wiped from my memory. It was stellar up until that point. Give me back those 15 minutes and all will be as it was.
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    were you ever bullied in school?

    I haven't been bullied. However, and I'm not proud to say this, but I did bully a kid back in 2nd grade when I really didn't understand what I was doing. It was a big mistake and I'm happy I can look back on it and laugh with the kid though. I apologized to him a couple years after and we...