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    Jimquisition: Xbox One and the Death of Ownership

    Exactly. I mean, seriously, there are games that are only about two years old that I can no longer play because the servers were taken down. What's going to happen when that affects not only a single game but an entire console and all of its content? We can't be acting like there aren't a lot...
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    Poll: Who IS buying the Xbox One?

    No, the PS4 is the choice that better suits me. I was more interested in the PS4's exclusive indie titles and it seems like it will integrate into my life and home better. It just seems as though it's offering me more features that I want at a better deal. I don't feel the Xbox One is offering...
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    Analyst: PS4 Will Launch Under $400

    It also has to do with the fact that exchange rates don't actually reflect how much money is worth within your own country, for the purposes of retail or what have you. It's just a comparison of two different economies for purposes of trade and the like. For example, here in Australia, our...
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    Jimquisition: Damn Fine Coffee

    Focus testing is riddled with problems. Ever hear the phrase, "A cow is a horse designed by committee?" That's what you get when you try and make a game that pleases everyone by adding one element and taking away another. You please nobody at all.
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    Sony Says PS4 is "First and Foremost" a Game Console

    I don't think that's necessarily true. I don't think most gamers want a purely gaming-only console, and nobody here thinks the PS4 doesn't also have the ability to play movies and TV and browse the internet and have apps on it and serve other purposes beyond video games (especially since the PS3...
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    Poll: The X-Bone

    Why would I replace a relatively new laptop that fulfills all my needs as a student just so I could play high-end games on it? I don't know how expensive laptops are where you're from, but getting one decent enough to handle games is way more expensive than whatever price the PS4 is going to...
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    Poll: The X-Bone

    I have a laptop. It's not high-end enough to handle gaming.
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    Major Nelson Claims Microsoft Is Listening To DRM Complaints

    You know, the thing about all this is that I'm not even sure that it matters what they do at this point. The Xbone has had weeks of nothing but bad press and bad word of mouth within the gaming community and online forums. Even if they did radically change some of their policies, chances are the...
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    Next Media Animation Explains The Xbox One

    Hilarious. Also worth noting that after anyone sees this Xbox now probably has even less of a market in Asia than they already did.
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    Poll: CoD Dog vs Giant Enemy Crab

    Yo, this is offensive. Giant enemy crabs are part of Japanese history. They were part of historical battles that actually took place in ancient Japan. Comparing them to made up fantasy creatures like military dogs is really insulting to Japanese history.
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    Poll: The X-Bone

    I am a console gamer, as having a gaming PC just isn't feasible in my current living situation. The Xbox 360 is my main console because that's the console I got first during the last generation, but I have a PS3 and a Wii as well. I have enough money that I could reasonably afford both consoles...
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    If the Kickstarter wasn't funded 'we would still be making Godus' - Peter Molyneux

    I thought the whole idea of crowd-sourcing was to give people who don't have anywhere near the kind of money or resources or connections it would take to do a project a chance at creating something that otherwise they absolutely could not do. Molyneux is a huge name in development with his own...
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    Fans Plead With Sony: "Stay Away From DRM"

    Well, the PS3 was a massive disappointment for Sony. I think Sony has more at stake than any other console developer this generation. They don't want to have to experience that kind of immense disappointment again, so I think that's on their minds this time around. I think that they're smart...
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    Update: Xbox One To Take Cut With Every Pre-Owned Sale

    Microsoft, what the hell are you doing? Your decisions are just...they're absolutely baffling to me. You can't actually find a way to sell your games and make them profitable by trying to be good, so instead you just try and bleed as much money and misery out of the consumers and out of...
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    Poll: Increased ads on Blip videos

    I don't really have a problem with it. It's just advertising. You can mute your computer or skip some of the ads if they're annoying, since some ads allow skips. At the end of the day, you're still getting a service completely for free because the ads support it. I'm willing to endure a minor...