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    Portal 2 Review

    That is one hell of an analogy. I could not agree more. Rodriguez's modest beginnings are VERY similar to the Portal franchise.
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    How Do Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo Preserve Their History?

    Does LucasArts have all of their old stuff lying around? I figure that they would have some really cool concept art or design documents or something. They have a long and rich history that is really worth chronicling. This is really something I never thought about, though. It's really cool...
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    The Presidents of the United States of America Rock the New PokeRap

    PUSA and Pokemon together is like Cream Cheese and Peanut Butter. A thing that never should have been together but only because the divine creator has a sense of humor does it actually exist. But really... It makes sense. Their style of songwriting and VERY commonly a grunge-rock jabber...
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    Critical Miss: God Emperor of Steam #4

    Two to the chest and still fighting... That's how high Slowbro's defense is. If the choices he made in his life made him a Slowking, we wouldn't even be having this conversation right now. 'affirming nod'
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    Advocacy Group Angry That Moms Hate Dead Space 2

    The relationship between a mother and child is most expressed under the age of 18, as that is the average age where most people start changing from dependents to independents. It is obviously easier to understand how this would be a MORE appealing marketing campaign towards someone who is 15 or...
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    Nintendo Holds Limited-Time Pokemon Over Fans' Heads

    I'm sorry to everyone who is angry with the delusion that Nintendo is withholding Pokemon from them. I want to apologize that they must resort to 'cheating' the game in order to officially 'catch 'em all'. I'm sorry that this service is free and often. And finally I'm sorry that Nintendo has...
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    289: My Nintendo Shame

    I agree with a lot of this article. To compare this to television, Nintendo started as the Simpsons with cutting edge themes and ideas, characters to fall back on, and a large appeal. Recently, they have devolved to Family Guy, relying on cheap gags and most importantly ham-fisted nostalgia...
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    Hands-On Preview: de Blob 2

    The best part of de Blob was the music. As you colored in the city the jazzy music continued to escalate and add instruments. Is the music still wonderful?
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    New Study Finds No Link Between Games and Violent Behavior

    Just for a followup, it should be pointed out (in case anybody attempts to research this): there is ALSO no conclusive link between Violent Behavior and Results from Studies on Games and Violent Behavior.
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    284: Give Me An Axe, I've Had Enough Of This Puzzle

    What a fun article! It's definitely something to think about when designing a game, whether or not a point needs a puzzle or an obstacle, and defining what makes one or the other. Obviously, this doesn't necessarily regard puzzle-heavy games (Professor Layton, Puzzle Agent), but definitely...
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    Tetris Dropping on PSN in Excessive 1080p

    Why do video game developers waste our time by NOT making Tetris? This is a game that DESERVES to be remade plenty of times, in fact, I'm surprised that there isn't a Tetris for EVERY IP, it can only make the IP better.
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    TIME top 5 games of the year

    The only game on there that does not make sense for Time to advertise is Alan Wake at Number 1. All the other games definitely have a place as the top ten games of the year (maybe not in that order, but they all have a place as a top game of this year). Also, a few people are saying that...
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    Review: World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

    There is nothing wrong with this review. It superbly encapsulates all parts of the changes and additions (WHICH IS A HUGE AMOUNT OF STUFF!) in the new version within only two pages. I can only imagine how difficult this article was to write, Funk. Also, this cannot be emphasized enough...
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    Man Attaches Cyborg Camera Implant to His Skull

    I've spent nine weeks in a class that displays "art" similar to this, people who have some kind of "artistic intent" and then use technology to implement the idea and get it showcased in a museum. It is stupid every time. I've waited nine-weeks to find anything interesting or worthwhile to...
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    Review: Epic Mickey

    Wait. Disney's super anticipated game has CAMERA PROBLEMS? Why would this game have camera problems!?!? Did they accidently hire a deranged Camera Director or something? We had camera problems a decade ago. We don't HAVE camera problems anymore. If you made a game that has camera problems in...