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    Sony's Attempt to Trademark "Let's Play" Foiled in U.S.

    A trademark is to keep other business in the sorta same competition with each other from using names, slogans, logos and some minor other things so consumers would not be confused or tricked into buying something from the wrong company. Trademarks have to be actively used or a company can loose...
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    Game Theory: Why ESPN is WRONG about eSports

    I agree. I think to really qualify as a traditional sport there really needs to be full athletic ability, not some specialized part. I barely allowing things like NASCAR to be a traditional sport(You need endurance to drive in 140F temperatures for hours at a time). While as bowling is not a...
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    Zero Punctuation Is Mocking Your Games On Hulu

    I hated what they did to Southpark. Almost every episode use to be free at the studios website, then sold the rights to Hulu and locked them all up behind a paywall. At least they are getting rid of ads for a subscription price now, that was stupid of them to double dip in revenue. Still...
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    Does this Star Wars Game Exist?

    There are a ton of these type arcade games out there, including new battle pods in Japan that do are exactly what you describe. However arcades are not much of a thing outside of Japan. There are some old X-wing series games out there, mostly space battles. Battlefront 2 and the new...
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    Final Fantasy VII Remake Coming to PS4

    I could give an hour long lecture on how it not that easy to port console to PC. There are other things to consider if there are enough consumers target base have enough of these mid-ranged PCs to sell the game well. Remember a large portion of people out there have will have low-end...
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    Final Fantasy VII Remake Coming to PS4

    It is not an exclusive, so it planned for more platform(s). Safe bet would be Xbox One it closest resembles the development specs of PS4. However Just a PC version. Or all three (XBO, PC, and WiiU) We will probably find out that the Square press event. *Update After looking at some...
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    FTC Pursues Kickstarter Board Game In First Crowdfunding Case

    Erik Chevalier was the sole proprietor of his company(sorta meaning his company and personal assets/debts are the same). He took the steps to register his working name as "The Forking Path Co." He probably should have gone the extra steps and actually registered a real LLC. That way he could...
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    Original 1976 Star Wars Script Discovered by Librarian

    From what I understand at that early version drafts droids were referred to Mechanicals or robots. I know this made it into the Novelization by Alan Dean Foster.
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    Navigate Westeros with this Google Maps version of Game of Thrones

    There all kinds of cool maps of Westeros and Essos, I thought this would be interactive. :(
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    World of Warcraft Patch 6.2 Brings Your Garrison to The Tanaan Jungle

    That the problem, everyone criticized Pandaria to no end, explaining they missed the old stuff.
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    Black Mesa Website Starts Mysterious Countdown

    What about Opposing Force, Blue Shift, and Decay? I absolutely loved Blue Shift.
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    World of Warcraft Patch 6.2 Brings Your Garrison to The Tanaan Jungle

    I thought of it being tedious too, but I look at the older expansions and the mechanisms and I rather have a garrison to play with then the boring grind of daily reputation quests it replaced in this expansion. All in all, it is actually much less time consuming then the quests it replaced...
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    Artist Recreates Disney, Marvel, and DC Characters in Stunning Watercolor

    Yeah, they put it in a promotional manga for the expo, that what I was referencing.
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    Artist Recreates Disney, Marvel, and DC Characters in Stunning Watercolor

    Kakashi without a face covering, blasphemy. (Unless it a special edition promotion manga that just happen to come out in the last couple hours)
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    WoW Token Launches Tomorrow - 30,000 Gold For 30 Days Game Time

    Lets just say that I spent 8K on heirlooms when that came out a couple weeks ago and recovered in less than 2 weeks. Old Raid a huge source of gold without having to spend much time, plus you get all the achievements and stuff for companion pets and mounts and everything from Cataclysm down is...