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    Worst Fight Scenes

    Every fight scene where the camera is so close and all over the place that you can't actually see what's going on. I'm looking at you Jason Bourne.
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    Poll: Quickscoping is dead? HELL YEAH!!!

    You don't have to wait 3 seconds at all. You can try and quickscope but the bullet goes in a completely random direction now instead of some shitty aim-assist that locks on to the target for an easy kill. It just takes like 2 seconds to ready up the shot so that it goes where your crosshair is.
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    First L.A. Noire Trailer in Four Years Coming Thursday

    This will have to fill my noir needs now that the same company has butchered Max Payne.
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    Rumor: PS3 Version of Mass Effect 2 Includes DLC, New Mission [UPDATED]

    I'm just wondering how long this comic will be. It better not be a five minute "LOLREAPERS AND SHIT NOW MAKE A FUCKING DECISION" but a proper portrayal of the ME1s story to set the scene for ME2.
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    Poll: The moon is what do you do?

    Wonder why we aren't nuking the shit out of it. Lots of tiny moon parts > giant catastrophic moon crashing into the sea and causing a tsunami x 10000. Although there is still the problem of it causing tides because of it being extremely close.
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    Black Ops rage... welcome to the next year of your life.

    The bots/guys he's playing against could have shot that thing down with one stinger, or the easily gotten anti-air killstreak. Also, I don't see the problem with the second video. He wasn't sniping, he was quickscoping. If he wanted to run around shooting guys at close range he could have...
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    I hate youtube for this... (fellow metalheads/TRUE rockers, you know what im talking about)

    Those people are thirteen years old. They will grow out of it. Are you telling me that you had uber intricate and brilliant taste as a kid? I used to love Eminem, Limp Bizkit and Papa Roach. My friends did too, we grew out of it and laugh about it.
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    Poll: Call of Duty: Black Ops... Prices?!

    Same here. Getting up a six to toil a huge bag of papers up a fucking huge hill on my bike for an hour and a half. Was NOT worth it one little bit. I get more in one day working part time in a retail outlet standing around and convincing idiots to buy the expensive stuff.
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    Am I too White?

    I think the real issue here is: Just kidding. No you're not too white just because you like a certain type of music.
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    The Beard Thread

    Mine is a zero. Beards suck, nobody finds them attractive. INB4 some three year old chuck norris joke that The Escapist community only just caught on to.
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    Dub Whatever The Hell You Want To!

    The timing is fucking perfect. Song is great too. Also Bill Cosby ops
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    What do you headbang to?

    This. Fucking great song. Also these:
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    Has anyone ever seen or even played an "Adult only" Game?

    I played a few on when I was younger.
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    (Kind of Late) Inception Discussion

    Maybe the whole thing was an elaborately orchestrated extraction of something from Cobb's mind by....................JUNO!