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    So i was just wondering...

    Heck, I don't know. I was never a Super man fan to begin with.
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    Pizza Toppings

    Cheese ham and pineapple for me. Lush. Sometimes with peppers and mushrooms as well. Lots and lots of cheese.
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    So i was just wondering...

    Actually that's not far off. It was because of him losing his hair that he hated Super Man. Ok there was more to it but I don't really know it.
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    Nintendo Wants Gamers to Play Through Breathing

    I don'ty know why but I am having horrioble feelings of another Hold your Wee for a Wii thing coming up.
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    "Justin Beiber to star in remake of Back To The Future"

    Don't worrt folks. I managed to get that sudden heart attack under controll. I'm all good. Just no more sudden scares. Kotick becomes head of Valve after beating Gabe in a fist fight. My world would just end.
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    New Vegas: Wild Wasteland

    Most likely on a second play through. I want my first character to be the best of the best that only s/he can be.
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    whats more important, money or honour?

    Money. I'm just to simple minded to go into anything deep like honour.
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    Daily Drop: Glass Paperweight

    So short, but fun and entertaining.
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    Violence in games

    People want what they can't have. This includes breaking rules. SUre in real life they may not want to break rules or be violent but when inside a game you can go wild as it will only harm your own mind. And it is because of this that kids want violent games which are usually +18 so sales of...
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    Poll: Over Critical, or, Your Own Worst Critic?

    This takes me back to my art classes. I was never very good at art but even if I did something worth merit I always shot it down as it never looked like how I wanted it in my head.
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    Having Children...yes or no?

    I get on well with children up until they get to around about 13-14 years old an maturity starts to drpo and they become a pain in the ass. Meh, what else is new there. I don't know about kids. I guess yes but not for some time yet. I would only have 2 max and most definately not twins. My...
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    Do you keep your ketchup in the fridge?

    Yes, mine is in the fridge. I like it more that way with the contrast to a hot food.
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    What is/was your least favorite subject in school?

    I've stopped doing art but the funny thing is that I can never seem to get away from it within other subjects. History is a good example, I have to draw regular mind maps. How the hell am I meant to use them to remember stuff and secondly how them hell am I going to draw those. You need...
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    Games with a better PC version.

    TF2, easy that one. I tried it on the 360 when I got the orange box for that but it was so god damn aweful I went and got myself the PC version. Thank god I did. Fallout 3 is another one. It just felt so clunky on my 360 and although it wasn't perfect on the PC either, I felt I could actually...
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    What games do you flat-out suck at?

    Any sport of fighting game. I'll end up looking more stupid than the people in the game with me trying franticly to mash the controller to oblivion.