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    Behold, Shovel Knight's "Butt Mode"

    You've also got the "Order of Hind Quarter"
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    Disney Will Hold Star Wars Open Casting Auditions In the UK

    It could be Harry Potter in the Jedi Academy. Use the force and swish and flick.
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    We should eat insects

    "Everyone blocks out their first time consuming flesh from memory..." - paraphrase from the cannibal lady in Skyrim That's what this sounds like....
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    Terza Rima Tale

    The ticket said that in October I must face a terrible beast. Bu I was stopped and told, "Tut, tut!"
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    Terza Rima Tale

    To the sauce said I, "Waste thee, I shall not!" And consumed it A lot, until I became sickly.
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    Terza Rima Tale

    My toes tore through my socks With great strength provided As I became the Hulk, who rocks.
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    Terza Rima Tale

    My doctor said that I was caught Off-guard by skeletons at dark And creeper creatures blew my lot.
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    Skyrim: Who did you marry?

    I married Mjoll because she's a walking fortress of free money; she never dies.
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    Terza Rima Tale

    The game is to write an epic poem in terza rima, where the rhyme scheme is ABA in the first stanza and the next player follows with BCB and the next with CDC and so on. You might try using some sort of rhythmic pattern or not (only a challenge), the rule is not to use any extremely difficult or...
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    Why all the 3d hate?

    When I watch movies in 3d, I can only focus on one spot so I get the 3d effect, while the rest of the screen is a blur. Sometimes it causes headaches, like Captain EO.
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    Minecraft: what is the Ender Pearl?

    I hear that when you touch it, you get a vision of other wielders of the Ender Pearls. Places of these Seeing Stones include Minas Tirith, Minas Morgul, and Isengard.
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    Need reassurance to get me through the night....

    Hi I just bought Infamous 2 Hero Edition today. It was a good deal. Everything was sunshine and rainbows till we got home. Then after unboxing we decided to use our vouchers for extra content. It happened: The last 4 digits were torn off and unreadable if even existent. I plan to call...
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    I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled today...

    You mostly won't feel anything and there will be only small spikes of pain. After the surgery, you will gush blood and your face will be inflated. Your first meal may end up in the toilet, exitting through the mouth. It will be painful to open thy mouth to eat large solids, even a sandwich...
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    Does it annoy you when people copy you?

    Yesterday I was going to get a hat. I thought "ooh maybe I can stand out". Then my younger brother got a hat of the same kind while having the same length of hair as me. Now we look like two douchebags instead of the wanted one. I can't wear my hat anywhere now because I do not, and have not...
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    Homeless man gets 15 years in jail for 100$, CEO gets 40 months for 3 Billion.

    The title confused me, it looks like $15 gained for $100