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    Parents Television Council Calls Game Industry "Thugs" and "Bullies"

    everyone that said it's the parents responsibility is entirely supported by me. The ESRB already rates games accordingly. With games with blatant sex and extreme excess violence being placed under the A rating which 99% stores dont even carry. I distinctly remember back when i was a kid that...
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    Federal Ruling Challenges Validity of Used Software Sales

    This will throw another wrench into the classic games being sold out there. Hey what if I have my SNES...and I feel like going back to the classics cuz SNES is so awesome. So i want to play some Mario kart and Donkey Kong on it, but wait i dont own it yet so i have to go get it, BUT wait even...
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    EA Throws Legal Counterpunch at Langdell's Edge

    that would work very well too or at least we would think so lol.
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    Fan Remakes World of Warcraft in StarCraft

    i'd rather not see world of starcraft. I loved the RTS from blizzard even going as far to say wc3 and sc for me are on the same pedestal for me, but when wow came it broke my love for warcraft a fair bit. some things just didn't make sense (albeit maybe now they do but i haven't gotten to...
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    EA Throws Legal Counterpunch at Langdell's Edge

    i've had a bit of ill relation with EA the mega publisher, but this finally puts EA back into the good light. Go ea! (judges should read online forums about what they think about Langdell and maybe they'll see that he doesn't contribute at all to the industry or at the least his...
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    App Gives Touchscreen Control Over StarCraft II

    I see this going badly. It was "cool" to play it SC on those smart boards way back in high school, but to play for real against with people a keyboard and mouse would spell disaster bc how are you going to hot building placement? if your hands are trained for specific places on a keyboard then...
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    Blizzard Up For a StarCraft Movie With James Cameron

    effects good. generally visuals good. storyline....please just simply take what's already there. If the SC movie tries to expand with a movie in his hands It better be 100% led by the Blizzard writers so the story line isn't gimped
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    AMD Pulls the Plug on ATI

    i'm not really that surprised. And personally i don't think it will affect a majority of consumers since there is a lot of affiliation of ATI to AMD anyway
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    StarCraft II: How Is It So Far?

    ugh my head hurts from 5 hours of SC2. curse you physical body capabilities...
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    Blizzard Unleashes Final, Jaw-Dropping StarCraft II Launch Trailer

    for their time for sure. What i should have said is that wc3 cinematics are very much still on par with CGIs 7 years later.
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    Blizzard Spawns More StarCraft II Launch Events Worldwide

    why does it always have to be the west coast. Man east coast is getting no love
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    Nickelodeon Greenlights Steampunk Sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender

    i think i'll follow this a little bit during 2011 since i loved the original series i luckily forewent the movie which seems to be my benefit that i didnt hop the bandwagon. Though the big kicker is the original creators are in on this. so the story is going to be nicely done or at the least...
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    Blizzard Unleashes Final, Jaw-Dropping StarCraft II Launch Trailer

    agree with red marine. blizzard has had incredibly topnotch cgi dedication on detail since Wc3. (i have the dvd cinematics disc) and their trailers ALWAYS show they have the ability to make top notch cinematics. why not a movie?
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    Sony Patents Split-Screen Multiplayer That Keeps Screens Whole

    mm a solid idea. i was ALWAYS bothered by this when playing FPS in the same room. be like oh you are in the room with the (insert weapon) let me go hunt you down. And it was rather dull considering you knew where each other were.
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    Digital Distribution Pulls Even With Retail

    mm...not sure if i'm a big fan of this or not. on one hand i'm big on supporting discless stuff and online copies, but the problem with that that is something i always iterate to my friends is later on down the road how the companies will deal with their content. I always give the chance...