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    Those random phrases people say in Pokemon.

    Shorts kid has wisdom beyond his years. Some day I will base a cult around that wonderful digital sage.
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    Hackers Deface The Wrong Site

    Yep. Anonymous is just like any other movement. Once they make a typo it's all over for them.
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    Two LulzSec Members Plead Guilty To DDOS Attacks

    But Sony wasn't the victim. You and everyone else with a PSN account was the victim. The situation is more like if I was house sitting for someone and forgot to lock their doors. If someone breaks in, then some of the fault is on me. Not all of it because obviously people shouldn't be breaking...
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    Does Elfin Lied get better? *no spoilers, please*

    The disparity between what happens in this show and the ending theme song is the best part of the show. See, in every episode a bunch of horribly depressing stuff happens then the incredibly upbeat ending theme plays. This song is the Japanese equivalent of an Avril Lavigne song. If the...
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    The Big Picture: Tropes vs. MovieBob

    I'm not arguing that the misogynistic comments weren't wrong. My point is that if she was baiting them, which seems more likely than her having no idea that 4chan was the way it is, she was doing it so that she could draw sympathetic publicity to her project by looking like a victim. As I...
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    The Big Picture: Tropes vs. MovieBob

    Don't imply that I don't. I'm just pointing out that what she did is equivalent to throwing a rock at a bees' nest so that people will feel bad about you getting stung by bees.
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    The Big Picture: Tropes vs. MovieBob

    How do you not see something wrong with goading a group of known internet misogynists so that she could stir up controversy and play the victim?
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    Bless This Mess

    Again, I don't see how cutting Tim Carney's mike after he attempted to steer the conversation in a different direction(which I do disagree with) compares to Bill O'Reily or Sean Hannity shouting down someone with a different viewpoint.
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    Bless This Mess

    The thing is, this movie isn't about bias in news but about people acting like assholes. The only left-wing figure I can think of that are on the same level as the right wing pundits is Bill Maher.
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    Bless This Mess

    I feel like you can't really compare that to Fox News's "Shout at anyone who I disagree with until their segment is over then pretend I won the argument" tactic. Edit: When I say you can't compare them I mean in terms of what this movie is talking about. The movie isn't about bias in news but...
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    Bless This Mess

    So, have you ever listened to NPR? I'm asking because it seems like anyone wants to hold something up as the liberal equivalent to Fox News they go to NPR without ever actually listening to it.
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    What Shouts do you actually use in Skyrim?

    Fear was super useful for getting through ruins as a sneaky character.
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    Rant on DOTA 2 and MOBA games in general.

    I think the worst part about these games is that they attract the type of players who spend entire days playing and studying them. These people don't understand anyone who wants to treat it like a game. It's like all the worst parts of WoW jammed together.
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    Odd Selling Points

    Def Jam: Fight for New York has Henry Rollins and Flavor Flav in it. Seriously. That is a thing that happened.
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    CBS Investigates New Sherlock Holmes TV Show

    I'm assuming Watson will end up being either Dumb Watson or Gay Watson.