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    A Skip Button for Boss Fights

    I don't care if something has a discovery or explore mode I just rarely want that experience myself. If it means other people can enjoy games then great, I hope they enjoy them. It's like being able to skip forward in a film. you'll miss the bit you're skipping but that's up to you. I don't...
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    Zero Punctuation: Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

    It was the first to use a proper thumbstick and was leaps and bounds ahead. By today's standards it's not great but that's innovation. In any case, you could still control Mario flawlessly despite the inaccuracies of the controller. When you play the virtual console version it's even better.
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    Zero Punctuation: Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

    -double post-
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    Zero Punctuation: Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

    Yahtzee couldn't be more wrong about Mario 64, it remains one of the greatest platformers perhaps only bettered by Super Mario Galaxy. The love of Crash Bandicoot surprises me, I think Naughty Dog is has joined the ranks of companies that can seeming do no wrong no matter what.
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    The Choice - These Films Must Be Stopped!

    What on earth is going on with the colour grading in that film?
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    Agents of Cosplay: Cosplay is Not Consent

    This. Your desire to control your image or situation in public is not a right and it certainly does not trump the rights of others, including the right to photograph. Some of this reminds me of the issues around with celebrity privacy - they want the good elements exposure when it suits them but...
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    Geek Remix: Life is Strange & Morality of Time

    It's like any tool or ability - you can use it for good or ill. What's really interesting is that when you suggest that she need to learn to do x,y,z she really doesn't. In her reality she won't have to deal with those things, ever. The grey area for Max is that sometimes invading someone's...
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    Life is Strange; Yah or Nah

    That seems like a pretty snap judgement, I don't see what you think is wrong with the game as you don't provide much detail. Have you tried many episodic story based games? If you like Telltale games you'll probably like Life is Strange.
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    Life is Strange; Yah or Nah

    I don't think that's true, they certainly don't come across as 'cookie-cutter' characters to me because they have quite deep and complicated lives but approach problems very much from the perspective of a teenager. Sure, some elements may be stereotypical but over I think they were very well done.
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    Twitter Clarifies Rules on Harassment And Deleted Accounts

    I see this as a violently racist opinion, I consider it hate speech. If you are American then surely you believe that everyone has the right to free expression and the right to practice their religion. Suggesting that someone should be murdered because of their religion, and yes supporting...
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    Life is Strange; Yah or Nah

    I just finished it and I think it's an excellent game, it's a very different but well done episodic story The issue that I had with it is (spoilerish but not much)
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    Twitter Clarifies Rules on Harassment And Deleted Accounts

    My concern, much like others here, is that disagreements on specific subjects that do not appear to stray into abuse will see users banned and speech shut down. One of the schools of thought that I find peculiar around all of this is about 'people abusing their rights', as though there is an...
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    Mass Effect: Andromeda Director Leaves Bioware

    It's the Development Director not the Creative Director. While it seems difficult for him to have moved on I'm sure he's set up a number of processes and will be able to transition someone else into the role. It will probably have some impact on development but little on direction.
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    Rise of The Tomb Raider Coming to PC in January

    I don't see any of that as being dissimilar to the Uncharted series, it's not unusual for games to have quick-time events and controlled sequences, not that I'm a fan of QTEs. It gives the designers a lot more control over the experience of exciting events and allows for more smoke and mirrors...