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    Should I Report?

    I'm British and even I did a double take at that one, we use 'bloody' in the same way you'd use any other generic expletive as an adjective. I certainly hope this is the case.
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    Hindus Upset Over Asura's Wrath

    For the love of your deity of choice. This. 3000x this. This one quote should be absolutely supported by everyone in this forum. He, a religous figure, rather than ranting and raving and declaring our medium the origin of all sin, wants to -support- the industry. And the knee jerk response...
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    Oklahoma Ponders Violent Videogame Tax

    Only read first page so this may have already been addressed (good lord I hope it has) Now I don't agree with what the guy is proposing, but before everyone goes all Internet Hate Machine on him can you guys at least read the sodding article? Nowhere does he state that violent videogames...
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    Writers Guild 2012 Best Game Writing Nominees Disappoint

    >.> The Witcher was based off of a -series- of books. A big popular series long before the games were released.
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    Escape to the Movies: Iron Lady

    There are very legitimate reasons for disagreeing with her political viewpoints, though they're not grounds to hate her. She was also involved in a few political scandals whilst she was in power. The taking away of the milk is the 'Pop-politics' opposition against her. The majority of the...
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    Escape to the Movies: Iron Lady

    Because providing it costs money. Money that could be saved by not providing it. This was a -good- decision. I'm a northerner. I grew up on a council estate, I'm most definitely still working class and there's quite possibly nothing I fear more than the middle-upper class being in positions...
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    Asuka Joins Street Fighter X Tekken

    As an Asuka main in T6 I'm excited. Would I prefer Jun? God yes, I'd also prefer Jun in T6 but I have to stick with the next closest thing, which is Asuka. Until I get my hands on TTT2 that is :D
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    Norwegian Mass Murderer Diagnosed With Paranoid Schizophrenia

    You're right regarding psychotic, my brain automatically registered 'Psychotic' in terms of it's colloquial use. Not sure why :/ I think it was more of a big hint, but it definitely wasn't just aimed at America I'd like to emphasise my use of 'Countries' :) The fact that he turned himself...
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    Norwegian Mass Murderer Diagnosed With Paranoid Schizophrenia

    The policeman's (I think it's a policeman?) face does look rendered for some reason. That said do we honestly think the Modern Warfare series will ever involve Norwegians? That would require somebody on the team to know something about a country that isn't the US, England or 'Europe'. Yes...
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    Norwegian Mass Murderer Diagnosed With Paranoid Schizophrenia

    ^ I think psycho/socio pathic (There's some subtle differences between the two) is considered more politically correct when describing a person. To describe somebody as 'psychotic' doesn't make sense anyway. But the term psychotic exists as in 'Psychotic disorder'. That said I'm not sure if...
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    Web And Game Addictions Might Become Official Disorders

    Ok that's fair. I'd like to stress that addictions aren't diseases. (A semantic thing, but it's important to me :P) The implication that drug (or any substance) addiction and 'gaming addiction' are the same is wrong however, due to addiction being the altering of areas of the brain in...
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    Web And Game Addictions Might Become Official Disorders

    You're not being proven wrong as such, but these two bits are wrong, Alcohol and drugs directly affect your body and brain and are actually 'addictions' that can't easily be overcome (Though one could argue that it was lack of discipline that led to the addictions in the first place it runs a...
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    Web And Game Addictions Might Become Official Disorders

    I was gonna dive into the topic because this is an area I have studied, and I've got a piece of paper that says I'm allowed to stick my head in in discussions like this ;). This guy? Spot on. There were several other studies of this vein too. Even more concerningly, in this particular study...
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    Hackers Force Resistance Site Offline

    They did knock it off!... line Get it? As in the site got knocked offline? Ok fine I'll go...
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    Easy PS3 Game to Collect a Platinum Trophy

    I don't collect trophies and I have 2 platinums. Tekken 6 and Uncharted 2, I got them both more or less by accident, so if you're desperate for those shiny pixels then give them a look.