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    Why doesn't Reddit have the same bad rep Tumblr has?

    Here's something that hasn't been brought up yet - Reddit's structure is such that you don't "follow" people. At all. One of the archetypical horror stories about Tumblr goes like this: Popular user doesn't like something somebody posts, so they send their followers after the person who posted...
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    Would a proper 7 season run of Enterprise have saved it?

    If you're suggesting that Picard wouldn't treat the Borg as enemies to be destroyed at all costs... you don't know much about Picard. At all. There are VERY few people in the galaxy who hate the Borg more than Picard does. There's literally a well-known scene where Picard pulls out a submachine...
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    Ubisoft is Giving You One Last Chance to Get Seven Free Ubi30 Games

    On uPlay? Horribly overpriced.
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    In RPGs, should Party Members who don't participate in combat earn experience?

    It depends on the level-up mechanics of the game. For the vast majority of RPGs, sure, why not. For FFVI, where the vast majority of your characters' statups come from having particular magicites equipped on levelup, oh GOD no. That would be a great way to have your characters be completely...
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    You Can Now Get the Original Splinter Cell Free For 30 Days

    "Free on Uplay" Nope, I can't be having with that shit. That price is entirely unreasonably high. Like, "Train Simulator with all DLC" high.
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    Microsoft's Phil Spencer Says Mouse and Keyboard Support for Xbox One is "Months Away"

    I mean, the skill ceiling is a lot higher with mouse + keyboard for FPSes at least. There's a reason you don't see PC/console crossplay on FPSes, and that reason is Shadowrun for the 360 and PC. They tried it, and immediately realized it was a bad idea when console users got consistently mashed...
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    Most absurd backstory/setting you have ever played.

    It makes a lot more sense if you replace "North Korea" with "China, except if we actually say China we won't sell any games there, so it's a different country in the region that we don't like, regardless of how much sense it makes."
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    Do you still read web comics?

    Much fewer than I used to. I only keep up with Atomic Robo, Awkward Zombie, Gunnerkrigg Court, Kill Six Billion Demons, and Order of the Stick. Well, and mr-culexus' Warhammer 40K stuff on DA when it updates. A lot of other comics that I used to read got bogged down in stuff I don't care about...
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    Critical Miss: Skyrim Tales

    Of course, if you have the perk that makes daggers do insane Sneak Attack damage, Draugr Deathlords are no problem.
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    Give me a topic and your position and I will argue with you.

    Coach Sandusky should rot in prison.
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    Skyrim: What did you roll ?

    I'm gonna roll a Dark Elf who uses bows and magic, with a sword as a holdout weapon.
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    Poll: Woman guts horse, takes pictures in it's carcass

    If they put it down humanely, then whatever they do afterwards, as long as they don't fuck it, I don't care.
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    Crackers Cut Origin From Battlefield 3

    Steam is DRM, and a fairly pain-free version, as DRM goes. It also is not spyware. I think this explains things nicely.
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    Court Shoots Down Bethesda's Scrolls Request

    Here's the thing: Bethesda doesn't actually CARE if they win or lose this case. They just have to actively defend their trademark or they lose it. That's how copyright law works in this country. It's weird and it sucks, but there you go.
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    Poll: Does Rainbow Dash Like Girls?

    Aww, mother FUCK. Not this Tinky Winky horseshit again.