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    Zero Punctuation: The Last of Us

    Too many people are babies and played this on normal instead of hard.
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    Zero Punctuation: Next Gen Buyer's Guide

    Dead-on Yahtzee!
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    Blizzard Confiscates Gold From Exploiters, Donates it to Charity

    Guys crapping on about the RMAH - what the hell is stopping you from ignoring the entire thing? I haven't touched the RMAH even once and I just don't care, but clearly there are people who use it and like it. What did the RMAH fking do to you to make you hate it so bad? And people who like to...
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    Capcom Explains Why Ace Attorney 5 Is Digital Only

    I agree with this move. Honestly NO ONE has ever looked at an AA title on the shelf and thought to themselves that they'll give it a try. You find out somewhere, and you either love the idea and pick it up or don't think twice. The Layton series should go the same way tbh. You were either...
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    So a black actor is considering role of Johnny Storm and nerdrage has turned racist again.

    Um, racism isn't even involed. People want to see their cartoon/comic/manga heroes come to life, and it's just not going to be good unless they look the part. Make a series of them being African American, and if that's good THEN go for a movie. They managed to change Nick Fury well enough, so it...
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    Zero Punctuation: Star Trek

    HAHA, my thoughts exactly. Can't believe they wasted money making this game thinking it'd be anything but utter failure. Also there's already enough Kirk-Spock bromance in the goddamned movie, didn't need a whole game to elaborate on that part.
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    Zero Punctuation: SimCity

    Haha! Great video, so true.
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    Zero Punctuation: Crysis 3

    Ahh gutted, another week before I get to see the Revengeance video. I think he's there's entirely a good chance of him liking it despite the amount of bashing it calls for xD
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    Zero Punctuation: Inversion

    Good golly never in my life would I have suspected that reference at the end there come out of Yahtzee. This game seems to embody all that is fail about modern mainstream games lol.
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    Zero Punctuation: E3 2012

    There was waaay too much time spent on "Steve" this video lol.
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    Zero Punctuation: Dragon's Dogma

    Hahaha, good episode.
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    Zero Punctuation: Diablo 3

    I actually think he let D3 off lightly.
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    Zero Punctuation: Silent Hill: Downpour

    I think those Extra Credits folks that used to be here made a good point, with that horrors are a dying breed because of the improving graphics. Also, get SH back into Japanese hands.
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    Poll: Your opinions on RPG combat

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    Zero Punctuation: Resident Evil: Revelations

    Head desk. That's some stupid suit to fight infected monsters in for sure. I wonder if Yahtzee ever complained about Ada Wong's outfit in RE4... or her impossible flips and such?