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    Critical Miss: #20

    I totally agree. This kinda seemed like "LOL REFERENCES" to me...
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    Activision Exec: Call of Duty is This Generation's Star Wars

    Aha, I get it! It started as something great, and then you drove it into the freaking ground! It makes sense, guys!
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    Remedy Blames Stiff Competition for Poor Alan Wake Sales

    Oh, wow, I love it when this happens. Every time a huge, big-name game bombs it warms my heart.
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    GodBlock: Keeping Your Children Safe on the Internet

    If this is legit, i don't know what to think.
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    I need a sweet metal band name!

    Bucket of Hate The Drunk Uncles Tower of Swine American Murder Brigade
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    Review: Lego Harry Potter

    Love the review, Miss Arendt, and I gotta ask: are you gonna be doing Crackdown 2? I'd like to see your thoughts on that game :)
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    Sony: Move's Buttons Make it More Hardcore

    You may find that Sony has kept that as a general philosophy for the past few years.
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    Poll: Regret

    What's wrong with saying nub?
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    Poll: Regret

    the fact that you use "nub" is regrettable. the only thing i regret is double posting by accident.
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    Poll: Regret

    -glares- Yes OP Yes I have
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    Poll: Regret

    Pretty much everything before January I regret. Seriously, I was a fucking **** back then, I'm glad I've straightened out. The weird thing is, I wouldn't give a shite if it was anywhere else. Only this place. Hell, I wouldn't care if it was real life! There's something wrong with me..
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    Poll: Regret

    Oh god, i almost pissed myself laughing so hard XD
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    Poll: Regret

    Oh, cmon! Call me a nub! I accept my nubbishness, let it rip XD
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    Poll: Regret

    You just made my day. Hoo-rah!
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    Poll: Regret

    When flamers get me to respond to their flamingness, I usually regret it. I need to get in the last word though....