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    Games that you took a gamble on

    Hmmm...Let me think. Well, I took a gamble on Rondo of Swords, and I must admit, it paid off. It's a turn based strategy game that forced me out of my comfort zone. I had to learn new strategies, an attack mechanic that I'd never seen before, and it was great. It really changed things up...
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    Piranha 3D: Implications the director almost certainly never intended.

    Hello, all. It's been some time since last I posted anything here, so forgive me if something like this has already been done. The horror flick, Piranha, has been coming up on one of the ?Epix? channels for quite a while now, and one night not long ago there was nothing else on, so I...
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    Was Twilight Princess really that bad?

    I liked it very much, actually. Not as much as Wind Waker, which will forever retain a place as my favorite game, but I had fun...Isn't that all that matters in the end?
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    Poll: I'll Save You, Little Turret from "Portal 2"!

    Bit of a spoiler for anyone who hasn't played Mass Effect: In the Bring Down the Sky mission, I initially chose to sacrifice the hostages and kill the terrorist. It seemed like the logical choice: kill 7 and save thousands. But when I saw the charred and carbonized corpses of the...
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    Italian Court Convicts Google Employees Over Google Video

    Exactly. We all have a right to freedom, and we all have a right to "the pursuit of happiness." When you use your freedom to impede others in their pursuit of happiness, you get punished. No one has the right to bully another person, or inflict mental and physical trauma on a person. In...
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    Science: Sperm, Homosexuality and Primordial Soup

    Well, I'm not so certain that replicating the "Experiment" and creating new species would be a good idea. It's dangerous to tamper with things beyond our understanding. Even if we figure out how life started on Earth, we'd still be a long way from understanding life completely...
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    Beowulf DW reviews "Heroes of the East"

    I?m no expert when it comes to Kung Fu films. The truth is that I?ve seen only a few. However, as a martial artist and a student of the liberal arts, I?d like to think that I know a good martial arts film when I see one. Therefore, I?d like to think that ?Heroes of the East? is a good film...
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    My take on alignment.

    I read somewhere that alignments should be viewed as guides or ideals, not strict rules. My take on LG is a belief that laws are meant to allow people to live happily, without others taking advantage of them. A lawful good character will recognize and tolerate government corruption, but only...
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    ESRB Says Dead or Alive: Paradise is "Creepy" and "Bizarre"

    Yes, that last one sounds just right.
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    Review: Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars

    Played this game a bit myself, but mostly I've just watched my friends play since I usually get my ass kicked in fighting games. Either way, this game is a blast.
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    ESRB Says Dead or Alive: Paradise is "Creepy" and "Bizarre"

    The catchy slogan that gets you to listen to a politician?
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    Mass Effect 2 review - in-depth

    Nice review. You made a few spelling and grammar errors, but we all do that. I must admit that at first glance ME2 didn't appeal to me. It looked so different from the Mass Effect that I knew and loved. Your review helped me overcome my trepidation, though. I always intended to play...
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    What the hell is WRONG!!!

    The way I cope: This world is always in crappy condition of somekind. Except, for the past few decades now, there's the chance that if things get crappy enough, we'll nuke ourselves. I can't help everyone, I just try to help the people I can. I might not make much of a difference to the...
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    Australian Christian Lobby Joins the Fight Against R18+ Game Ratings

    Nice to know that you still have yours, but it's going to take a mad German scientist and a bad lightning storm to bring back mine. I decided years ago that many Christian sects are horribly out of touch with the example that was set for them, so instead of being a good Christian, I'm just...
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    favorite mass effect quote

    Wrex: Your Biotics are incredible, Alenko. Humans never should have switched to the L3 implants. Kaiden: [something about dangerous side-effects] Wrex: You don't stop using a gun just because you don't like the recoil. C-SEC officer: Do you want me to arrest you?! Wrex: I want you to...