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    I don't think SOPA is as bad as it sounds.

    Thank you for linking that article to me. I like TorrentFreak, even though they do tend to take a rather 'tech-lite, opinion-heavy' approach to tech journalism. It's a shame that TF don't venture an opinion as to why the Belarus government has taken this action. We all know the (laughably...
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    Poll: Your programming experience

    C#/XNA six months experience. I've created some extremely terrible XBOX/GFWL compatible compiled projects, but I'd never want to play them myself because they're abysmal. My ultimate desire is to get good enough at games programming that I can release something actually worth playing...
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    Lawyer Destroys Arguments for Game Piracy

    I agree. I've seriously considered leaving the site over this nonsense. I used to visit more or less daily, now I save up three or four weeks of ZP and watch it one go, after which I see what specious propaganda is being forced down our throats this week on the forum. I used to come to the...
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    I don't think SOPA is as bad as it sounds.

    ArsTechnia took a similar opinion to you [], but they went further (sadly, not in that article; I can't find the one with the law expert discussing probable outcomes, but you might be able to) and...
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    Lawyer Destroys Arguments for Game Piracy

    You don't understand what a no true scotsman fallacy is. It isn't a case of two different debaters having a different fundamental understanding of what is meant by a given axiomatic term, it's a case where one debater redefines an axiomatic term ad hoc: A: All pirates purchase the games they...
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    Pirates ruining it for the rest of us.

    Correct, you can. I have never stated otherwise. I have instead stated that you oughtn't do that on this site.
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    Pirates ruining it for the rest of us.

    I'm unwilling to risk my account in doing so. I have a clean bill of health precisely because I always follow the moderators' rules (both explicit and implicit - I don't think the "no piracy debates" rule is actually explicit, I've just seen a lot of punitive measures for making pro-piracy...
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    Pirates ruining it for the rest of us.

    I will say this again: you will not find a proper piracy debate on The Escapist because the moderators have already made it extremely clear that they don't want pro-piracy debates. If you want to genuinely debate the ethics, practicalities, and scientific studies of piracy, then go do so on an...
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    Please help me Escapists!! I need to stop pretending to be religious; I need advice

    This isn't 4chan, no matter what my avatar may make this site appear to be. OP: I'm unsure how best to advise you, I'm sorry. It sounds like a really hard situation. If I were you, I'd probably try not to mention your religious inclinations to your father, and just try to go along with it...
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    Share the most intense, powerful music you know.

    Intense? Powerful? I declare... It's time for classical music!!! Chi il bel sogno - For that ridiculously emotional refrain and giant crescendo Ach, so fromm - Simply for the way it ends Four Seasons, Winter - Massive rushing tempo and great charging feeling throughout
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    @Notch and the 'F-bomb'

    This. It disgusts me when people say "well what of ['minority' here]'s feelings?" A: They're feelings - no-one died because you said something that made them upset. Seriously, grow a thicker skin and stop being such a whiny little so and so. People say mean things. People say ignorant...
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    The Never-Ending Story

    Suddenly, the profanity tree yells a curse so vile that Michael's eyes turn into sausages, and his mouth transforms into a beautiful woman.
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    The Never-Ending Story

    Each poster adds one ridiculous sentence to the story. It can be a long sentence, but it can still only be one sentence, and it must follow on from the previously posted sentence. The more absurd the sentence, the bigger your e-peen grows, so make this story batshit insane. So, here's the...
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    Ruin-A-Wish Foundation.

    Granted. You vacate to Vatican City. The Pope declares you a heretic, and you are burnt at the stake. I wish Cole Phelps would be a bit more fucking predictable with his interrogation techniques in LA Noire.
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    How would Dr Octopus' arms change your life?

    Didn't those arms end up sending him insane or something? I guess I could use them to masturb... Uh, pulverise tramps I pass on the stree... Uh, smoke four bongs at onc... Actually, I don't think they'd work very well with my mentality.