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    Zero Punctuation: Dragon's Dogma

    I think this game is pretty good. It feels like a combination of Monster Hunter and Dragon Age with a hint of Shadow of the Colossus. The Japanese do a pretty good job of making western rpg's. I feel ive grown out of the JRPG genre as a whole but this game has enough of the nice things of it to...
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    Favorite noise from gaming

    Mentioning the GBA tingle made me come up with a good one: The sound effect that plays during the Playstation 1 start up, when the SCEA logo appears with the black background. I still remember how I felt when I was 11 years old and turning my new playstation on for the first time.
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    Resident evil 6 review backlash

    RE6 looks like a game I might check out sooner or later regardless of score. I find feedback from other players much more reliable. Although you have to filter the unconditional fanboys and the cynics who hate everything. There's no such thing as a truely objective review anyhow so I might as...
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    Poll: How Many Escapists Who Are Excited for Skyrim Actually Played Oblivion?

    I thoroughly enjoyed playing Oblivion. To see that Skyrim has answers for all flaws that bothered me in Oblivion (lack of VA's, ugly faces, clumsy levelling system) makes me very excited to play it.
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    Over 100 NEW Skyrim Screens!

    Plenty of people do at the moment since its leaked. I just watched an xbox stream for a bit with a guy doing some random questing, killing a dragon and answering everyones questions. It was very informative. I left eventually because of spoilers in the chatroom.
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    So...two dudes stole 6,000 copies of Modern Warfare 3

    Im guessing its more of a money thing. Its a wanted product and these thieves can earn over half a million dollars if they sell these games on the black market.
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    5 days until Skyrim. What are you doing first?

    Ill probably explore my immediate surroundings and raid all nearby dungeons. Experience (oblivion, FO3) taught me that theres always sweet starter loot available early. Im not going to enter the nearest settlement without a full bag of goods to sell.
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    How do you pass the time waiting for an upcoming game release?

    Im waiting for skyrim, but I think ill just wait next to the store. Still closed. Still closed! hmm
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    Weirdest fear you had as a kid

    I was afraid of anything that featured claymation.
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    Lou Reed Getting Death Threats Over Metallica Album

    I like both Lou Reed and Metallica. But its like saying I like both milk and coke: they dont mix.
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    Seriously, why do some guys pull this shit?

    He needs to realize that self pity is NOT attractive. Just ignore him because you wont see the end of it if you keep him close, itll just confuse him more. So youll actually be doing him a favor by cutting off contact.
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    Alpha Protocol - Can't walk!

    Once you look past the graphics and controls its actually a pretty entertaining game. I liked it.
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    First Skyrim review

    So the reviewer didnt like Oblivion and liked this? I loved oblivion so ill probably buy two.
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    JRPG fans- are you a handheld gamer?

    I have since the last good jrpg I played is the monster hunter series for the PSP.
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    Poll: Skyrim

    1)Yes 2)Yes 3)Watched Conan the Barbarian (1982) multiple times. 4)Not really. Mildly interested in AC:Revelations