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    The Top Three Contenders for GOTY

    Brink....hahaha i kid.
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    The Top Three Contenders for GOTY

    Arkham City, Battlefield 3, Portal 2. Portal 2 was AMAZING and i really think it needs more appreciation, Portal is better (duh, but thats a hell of a game to have to follow up) however, the second one was fantastic. Plus the Multiplayer was a great addition into that game, but theres no...
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    Who buys shooters for single player?

    I love single player modes in shooter games. Fallout, Half Life, Gears of War, Halo, Mass Effect, BioShock, the list goes on. I know that some of these games HAVE multiplayer, but I dont really care for it. I love the STORY in games, something that seems to get sacrificed alot with games that...
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    What's your favourite graphic novel?

    Scott Pilgrim, Watchmen, Batman The Dark Knight Returns and V for Vendetta. Gotta love em.
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    my gf is a pothead

    Wow. I totally thought there would be a different reaction from everyone. but first, If you dont like the fact that she smokes I would say to have a conversation with her about it. because at the end of the day, if you really like her, what she does in her free time shouldnt matter, as long as...
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    What would you do if you found out you are really two midgets in a trench coat?

    Seeing as my sister is Deathly afraid of midgets, (yeah, i wish that was a joke.) i'd, sorry, We'd probably run away and earn a living by beating the hell out of each other and charging people to watch. this would most likely become a tv show so we would take that popularity and have our own...
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    Relationship virgins.

    19 years old, and girls is not the problem, relationships are. honestly dont rush into relationships just cuz u want to, im not even thinking about a serious relationship, just enjoy being single, cuz almost everyone who isnt single, WANTS to be single again.
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    Last enemy you killed in Campaign/story mode is right outside your house.

    Twinblade from the first Fable.. and he looks angry.
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    Don't drop the soap

    Shank that *****.
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    The best (non-sexual) feeling ever

    Well played sir. well played indeed.
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    Approximate amount of games you own

    about 80 (original) xbox games and like 2 xbox 360 games. i dont even wanna count how many i own for NES and original playstation. haha
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    You know what I liked about Dragon Age?

    You know what I liked about Dragon Age? turning it off.
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    Woman Blames FarmVille for Killing Her Baby

    shit like this makes me realllllllllly happy i never played farmville. or had a kid. or both. what a crazy ass *****. she makes my ex(and current) girlfriends look sane. i really hope someone stabs her in jail. alot.
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    One-line confessions

    the cake is a lie.
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    Who here liked the Gamecube?

    "Hey Farva! whats that place you always go to? with all the crazy shit on the walls?"