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    Poll: Skyrim- Did you kill Paarthurnax?

    why would anyone want to do a thing like that, after 30 hours of dragons breathing fire in my face i thought it was rather nice that all paarthurnax wanted was a chat, and he was nicer to me than all the other NPCs so when delphine demanded i kill him i just used unrelenting force to throw her...
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    Steam Winter Sale grand total

    before december my steam library consisted of Half Life 2, Garrys mod, painkiller; gold edition, and a couple F2P titles i bought: Limbo - £3.49 Valve complete pack - £24.99 Audiosurf - £1.49 Plants vs zombies GoTy - £3.49 Cave story - £3.49 Mega Indie Bundle - £13.99 Serious Sam HD...
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    EA Brings PS3 Crysis 2 Demo to Abrupt End

    this really really pissed me off, i only got to play 2 and a half games in the end and i'd been looking forward to this demo since i caught a glimpse of the pc version the other day. Dear Crytek, i will not be able to afford the full version of your game when it gets released, so thanks for...
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    Former Sony Exec Believes Sony and Microsoft Will Join Forces

    sure it would solve a lot of problems but the idea having mario as a playable character in god of war just made me throw up in my mouth a little
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    Poll: Crash Bandicoot, why?!

    1, 2, 3 and CTR were all brilliant and the only Crash game i've enjoyed since would be Twinsanity. kudos to whoever made that one because i was expecting it to be really shit
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    Poll: Should they legalize pot?

    should it be legalised? yes! oh for gods sake YES!!!
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    I need some help with Gun

    hmmm, i just tried again shot him once and he started running around in circles, 17 arrows later and i pulled out the revolvers, job done
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    I need some help with Gun

    im attacking the one that has the words 'grey wolf' hovering above its head lol left the horse in another continent the game constantly tells me i have to get the kill from close range and i have every weapon except the explosive rifle/shotgun/thingy it just takes the piss!
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    I need some help with Gun

    okay then, i know this may sound stupid but i can't for the life of me kill the grey wolf. I do everything i'm told to do, i even bought all of the bow upgrades but every time it says "you're in range, put an arrow through its brain" i zoom in, aim for the head and take the shot. there'll be...
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    Question of the Day, May 26, 2010

    we have a winner!
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    Question of the Day, May 12, 2010

    i was well and truly addicted to guild wars at one point, haven't touched it since i got my ps3 repaired (and that was just under a year ago)
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    No Doubt Gains Ground in its Lawsuit Against Activision

    wow activision are really jerks nowadays
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    Meow Meow, Mkat

    EXACTLY! the mephedrone related deaths are ALL to do with people simply going over the top and ruining themselves as with just about any other f*cking drug!
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    Poll: How do you like your zombies?

    Quote of the day!
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    The Escapist PS3 Clan

    smon27 i'm mostly playing Bad Company 2 atm but i'll come play some cod4/cod5 or Burnout Paradise (i don't have big surf or cops n robbers though) be sure to let me know you're from the escapist (i hate random invs)