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    Judging By The Cover: Judging the Christmas Nativity Round 2

    A very white Christmas. Oh Europe. Good job rewriting stories to fit your own mold.
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    Pirating Game Dev Tycoon Dooms Players to be Ruined By Piracy

    "The developer said that it has conducted this social experiment as a way to try and open gamer's eyes to just how damaging piracy can be. The depressing results of its own game's day one piracy rates show that only 6.4% of people playing the game bought it legitimately." The dev themselves...
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    Zero Punctuation: E3 2010

    That song was the best episode yet. I'm kidding. It was cool, though.
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    250: Garden of Brutality

    Thank you from 2006.
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    Game Dogs: Episode Five: KCD

    "man" Shouldn't that be, "dawg?"
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    Game Dogs: Episode Two: Break Room

    You desperately need to get some nylon stockings and make a wind screen for your microphones.
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    Game Dogs: Pilot Episode: D&D Kills

    Not bad, but it's extremely dated. This would have been funnier about 15 years ago.
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    Who's Looking Forward to Avatar

    Too predictable to bother watching.
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    A better Half-Life 2 sound pack: Nate Pack

    This one is much funnier than what's hit the newsroom recently. Judge for yourself:
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    Half-Life 2: Now With Vocal Sound Effects

    I still prefer Nate Pack. I just wish he'd release the darn thing.