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    What's the difference between battlefield 4 and CoD:Ghosts?

    Call of Duty Ghosts is a generic FPS shooter multiplayer game with simplistic selfish free for all gameplay. It's also developed by Activision. An evil company that only thinks about maximum profits while exploiting people who are too stupid to realize the game is exactly like the other COD...
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    I have an idea that could limit school shootings

    Or how about each teacher takes a firearms class and carries a firearm.
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    Poll: Is it ok to emulate a game if you own it?

    I don't think it's a problem at all. In fact I often emulate PS1 games I already own and run them through my disc drive so that I can play with better graphics.
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    Games you didn't like, but you liked the idea of

    Spore (and probably Duke Nukem Forever, Perfect Dark Zero, Mass Effect 3) was on the list, but that's already been mentioned. The Lost Videogame is my example.
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    So I'm thinking of getting into Metroid....

    Try out Other M. You will hate the franchise forever after that.
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    Things From Skyrim You'd Like to See in Fallout 4

    This question insults me. I want Fallout 4 to be as far away from Skyrim as possible. Preferably more along the lines of Fallout New Vegas which was by far a superior Elder Scrolls-like game. Personally I would rather have the old Fallout turn-based games back instead.
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    Why do people completely ignore how great 98% of Mass Effect 3 was and just focus on the ending?

    Um the ending was not the only problem with the game. I saw a problem within the first five minutes of gameplay when I realized that every decision I made in prior games were being railroaded. In addition the game felt too much like Gears of War instead of an RPG/Shooter hybrid. It was also...
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    Why didn't more people complain about Kai Leng in Mass Effect 3?

    It's hard to be critical about a particular shit when everything is already shit.
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    TF2: Why All the Mini-Sentry Hate?

    They probably hate it because most people don't know how to use the minisentry very well. The minisentry is good for both defense and offense if used correctly. Unlike the regular sentry, you shouldn't set it up in common areas. Instead you should place it in places where it isn't easily seen...
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    FF13-3 pretty much confirmed

    Wow so not only has SquareEnix killed the Final Fantasy franchise, but now they are raping its dead corpse. Square must really want to destroy their company investing their resources into bad games. I will return to the Final Fantasy series only if it starts appealing to the now adult audience...
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    Poll: Which console "won" this generation?

    I would say during the first half it was the Xbox 360 as the PS3 at the time was still difficult to program for and was expensive. For the last couple of years though, I would say the PS3 wins. The Xbox 360 is severely behind these days and most of the games I want to play on it also come out...
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    I now know why everyone hates Metal Gear Solid: 2

    Well Invisible War did have a broken game engine that couldn't render water and if you didn't get the initial patch, the game was literally broken as you could not drop weapons or items from your inventory. The environments were also ironically smaller than the first game and you could do more...
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    EA Appreciation Thread

    They don't make anything good. They kidnap good companies and release good games and then later destroy the franchise when they start pumping out crappy sequels because they think the market can absorb X game a year.
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    Why did Bioware write the pre-Extended Cut ending for Mass Effect 3 the way they did?

    Because the original writer for Mass Effect never worked on the sequels. Instead Mass Effect 2 and 3 are horrible fanfictions.
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    Why do people like Elder Scrolls games?

    New Vegas was what I expected from Skyrim. An open world that accounted for your actions.