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    Worst thing you ever bought

    sonic unleashed. 12 minutes in (I kid you not!) I returned that piece of crap.
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    New mythological creature to get behind?

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    New mythological creature to get behind?

    i've heard other stories where werewolves had an increased sex drive. (not to that extent though)
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    New mythological creature to get behind?

    who liked vampires? they are weak. running water sunlight crosses wooden stakes holy water pointy wooden crosses that light up and shoot holy water. and they don't make you dead when they attack. (you aren't alive but you are undead) werewolves only have 3 weaknesses and they will...
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    crazy video game stories

    what are some crazy stories that you have from playing video games? one time my friend stevie and I were playing TF2 and we decided we were going to heavy rush using nothing but our bare fists, so we go to control point A and out of no where 2 pyros jump us. now being gentlmen, fisticuffs was...
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    TF2 pet peeves.

    first of all I'm awestruck at your spelling errors. second of all, it would make the game WAY too unbalanced if spies could just stab you without giving you the slightest chance of even knowing they are there, also if the decloak time is trouble for you, you aren't a very good spy.
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    Games you thought would be awesome...

    fable 2
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    You know you are a gamer when....

    (this one actually happened to me) When you wake up and are concerned that the crosshairs are missing. when you walk into people's houses and are surprised that they want you out. when you are surprised that not every rumor you ask about is 100% true.
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    Why do people hate the Wii.

    I have a wii and play it a good portion of my gaming time but one thing i don't like about it is the lack of games that use original characters. Link, Samus, Mario etc. and i'm not saying that the gameplay dosn't change from game to game (excluding of course the legend of zelda) but I'd really...
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    Why do people hate the Wii.

    you will name that thing, and will find that it is not the nintendo Wii
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    Madworld violence

    shoulda added a poll
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    Madworld violence

    Is it violence for the sake of violence (like grand theft auto), or is it violence to rid the world of evil (like diablo 2)? Because I'm playing and don't know whether to be appalled or feel like a hero.
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    Which developer has the most personality?

    are you seriously asking this question? it's Rare all the way, just read some of their scribes section on their site.
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    whats the most pointless holiday?

    your birthday
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    Nuclear Armageddon is here... (Wheres The Satellite?)

    what does the hadron collider have to do with it